Why You Should Support Local Music

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In live entertainment, like in most other industries, the biggest names are often the loudest ones. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always the best ones.

If, as an audience member, you’re only interested in attending concerts by the biggest national touring acts, or as a venue owner you’re only interested in booking entertainment with an A-list status (and a fee to match), you might be missing out on some of the most dynamic, exciting, and unique acts hiding in your own backyard.

Virtually every city and region in the US has its own homegrown music scene, no matter how small or scrappy. Unlike world-famous, nationally touring acts, local musicians lack name recognition, but often make up for that in other ways.

Recently, Special Guest App asked business owners from all over the country why audiences and venue-owners interested in booking entertainment should consider supporting their local music scenes. Here’s what they had to say.


Local Music Builds Local Culture

“Supporting local music helps give people belonging to a specific town, city, or region something no other place has,” Stephen Curry, CEO of CocoSign, explains, pointing out one of the biggest advantages local music acts have over national ones: investment.

Hometown performers tend to be much more invested in the communities they have roots in, which allows them to build a more intimate relationship with their audience while also developing a more unique, distinctive sound and style.

“The artists from these regions promote their culture,” Curry says. “With support from businesses and individuals, they help boost the growth of local music scenes before the world embraces their genre or art form.”


See the Stars of Tomorrow Today

Chart-topping, world-famous, celebrity superstars don’t just fall out of the sky; every performer has to start somewhere. Even the biggest singers and bands of today were struggling independent musicians themselves once.

“If the local artists that you support make it to the top, it’s an awesome feeling to stand back knowing you’ve been there from their first shows as a small artist and witnessed their growth into a recognized talent in the music industry,” Olivia Tan, Co-Founder at CocoFax, says.


Music Contributes to the Economy

“Supporting local music can mean so much not just to the local artists but also the economy,” Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay, suggests. “We need to understand that patronizing local product, services, including arts and music, can drive the interest of foreign people, thus positively impacting the economy. It can also help in enriching one’s own culture and the people themselves.”

Indeed, fostering a strong homegrown music scene benefits regional business owners not just by providing entertainment to the locals, but also by drawing the attention of neighboring areas.

“It attracts tourism,” Georgi Todorov, Founder of ThriveMyWay, explains. “Local bands can draw an audience from neighboring cities. Also tourists looking for a night out may spend more money in a place with good live music, and you can give your town something special that no one else has.”


Independent Artists Need It More

People sometimes forget that being an entertainer isn’t something a person does solely for the love of it (although passion is, of course, a major part of it); independent artists are themselves small business owners. The $300 someone pays to see an A-list celebrity perform is likely just a drop in the bucket for that artist, whereas the $15 they pay to support a local musician can make a world of difference.

“Unlike big, chart-topping artists, these bands and singers rely on income from gigs at pubs and other small venues in order to survive, Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director at ChilliFruit, says. “Failing to support these local artists will have a knock on effect on the music industry as a whole as, without a platform to start from, these musicians will not have a chance to become the big-venue stars of the future.”


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