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Live entertainment on demand

Special Guest is an iOS app that allows anyone, anywhere to hire live entertainment on demand.

Discover Talent

Special Guest takes away the problem for hundreds of thousands of live entertainers struggling to secure work on a regular basis because the process of getting gigs is brutally difficult.

Hire Talent

Special Guest App leverages mobile to remove friction from the traditional talent booking process enabling anyone, anywhere to discover and hire live entertainment on demand.

All Venues

Special Guest provides the technology for anyone to seamlessly host live entertainment in their home, backyard, or similar non-traditional venues with the push of a button.

How it Works

Special Guest encompasses the entire two-way interaction between the talent and talent seekers, while building a sense of trust and community.

Showcase Talent

Talent can effectively market themselves by creating a robust profile that showcases their abilities through a bio, pictures, video and social media and more!

Search Talent

Geo-located feed allows hosts/venues to swipe talent in order to build a network of connections, and hire on-demand.


In-app messaging and notifications allow users to communicate directly with the talent, making it easy to book gigs and stay in contact.

With Special Guest, anyone, anywhere can hire live talent, on-demand