Top Tips for Successful Event Management

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Sometimes, having fun is hard work.

Live events are a major source of joy and entertainment for many, many people. Behind the scenes, though, there are other people. People whose job it is to ensure things run smoothly. People whose job it is to organize, plan, and strategize. 

Event management is made up of a lot of moving parts: selecting the right venue, making a schedule, figuring out a floor plan, booking entertainment, setting up safety precautions, and more. With all that in mind, what’s the best way to ensure a successful event?

At Special Guest App, we decided to ask that very question to some of the most experienced professionals in the world of event organization and planning. Here are their top tips for successful event management.


Build a Winning Team

No event manager is an island. Key to the success of any event is making sure to surround yourself with smart, reliable, and versatile individuals who can be your eyes and ears, and who can also take some of the workload onto themselves so you’re not stuck micromanaging every little detail.

“Establish Your Team From the outset,” recommends Jordan McCreery, Entrepreneur and Founding Partner of Ingrained Media.

“You should know exactly who will be involved in organizing your event. This may only be a couple people, or a group of 50, but mapping out who is involved and the people needed from the beginning is a great way to set yourself up for success.”


Create a Game Plan

Even the best team won’t get far without a roadmap. That’s why it pays to think ahead.

“The best way to successfully manage an event is to define the purpose and format of the event,” says Olivia Tan, Event Manager and Co-Founder at CocoFax.

“Formulate your goal as specifically as possible: do you want to convey knowledge to participants; express gratitude to partners; raise funds for a project or offer guests aesthetic pleasure? The format of the event will depend on the answer: its concept, timing, and duration, role distribution within the team, the layout of the hall, catering, and sound.”


Consider Your Guests

What is the purpose of any live event? Ultimately, it should be to send all its guests home happy. That means putting people first and always having their needs at the forefront of your mind. 

“Think like an attendee,” suggests Mary Louise VanNatta, CEO of Spire Management-Association and Event Management. “Where will you park? Hang your coat? How do you find the bathroom? Is there ADA access? Have answers to all those questions.”

Karla Moreira, PR Brand Manager at Events4Anyone echoes that sentiment: “Understand the profile of the guests who are coming (where are they located, what is the demographics?),” she says. “That will help determine where the event should be held (the event should be easily accessible) and also help to determine the food and beverage selections (if your invited guests require a certain type of diet).”


Expect the Unexpected

All the planning and preparation in the world isn’t enough to fully equip you against the myriad possible surprises and pitfalls that may crop up. You can’t know everything that will happen, but you can know that you don’t know, and that’s valuable in it’s own way.

“Be flexible,” Shannon Peel of MarketAPeel suggests. “If something changes,” go with the flow as much as possible.”

What’s more, every live event you manage is a learning experience that helps prepare you for the next one. “Have a post-event recap meeting to understand what worked, what didn’t, what changes need to be made for the next event,” Marla Haar of Business Etiquette International says. “This is a lot more important than many planners realize as history is a key to a successful event.”


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