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Wellness Speaker in Nashville, Tennessee

Information gained from educated health and wellness speakers can impact lives. Put personal wellness at the top of the priority list for your next event!


Chino, Music’s Miracle
Atlanta, GA

Chino is an young artist from South Miami, Florida. His Rap Style is versatile, he can literally switch flows on every project he’s on. He puts the Art in Artist to work by giving you his unique style in music by giving you character in his voice. Chino’s beat style is more lofi/chill type of beats with a little bang to it. Chino is truly a unique artist and if not THE best one of The Best there is. Chino’s Music is universal and for everyone. Chino is for the Fans.

Mr. Drew

Artist/ Live Painter
Atlanta, GA

I’ve been an artist my entire life. In my younger years I treated it like a hobby only to discover my love and passion for the arts as an adult so I decided to become a full time artist. I currently host and teach sip and paint painting classes and I also work as a tattoo artist and co owner of GSI Tattoo Studio. I’m available for live painting, body painting, henna, tattooing, murals, sketches, and custom artwork!


Each One, Reach One, To Teach One!!!!
Nashville, TN

I was born in Mississippi, but I was raised all over the United States, from California to Ny to Florida and Georgia. I have been the inspiration and strength of my people through God. I will continue to be a pillar of motivation and joy. I am available to travel anywhere, anytime to continue to touch the world through knowledge, wisdom and understanding!