Speakers & Officiants in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Lake Havasu City, AZ

Happy to be your Hangar BINGO caller!


Voice For Hire
Lake Havasu City, AZ

I am available for all manner of speaking / hosting opportunities.

Amy Blackwell

Hilarious and honest stand up comedy
Las Vegas, NV

Amy is a source of unapologetic, full-volumed, smoked to the filter, dinner-from-the-dollar-menu real world comedy.

Chilly Willy Karaoke Services

Over 40 Years DJ/KJ Experience
Lake Havasu City, AZ

I started as a Disc Jockey in 1977 in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was doing small parties n venues. I worked On-Air DJ in San Francisco, then worked Large clubs in San Fran, San Jose, Oakland. Performed over 7500 events for my personal Mobile DJ co. Makin' Music Productions, Have been a singer since the age of 5 yrs old. Sang backup for Carpenters & The Tubes & Mic Mgr. for Tower of Power. Now in LHC with my voice, talent & experience just for you and I'm available.

Jay Swagger

Jay Swagger
North Las Vegas, NV

I go By the Name Jay Swagger I’m a CEO of Successful Kings Brand and also an Entertainer I released 3 albums This Year 1 Successful Kings Album 2 No Easy Way Album 3 Before My Next Move Music is available on All streaming platforms and Amazon looking forward to working with you I enjoy Being on stage and I am professional and enjoy what I do I also Speak French and Creole fluently Let’s work

Waxxcooler®️ Inventor

Creator of new cooling technology. WAXXCOOLER®️
Las Vegas, NV

We, as two Cannabis Entrepreneurs, Came from nothing with just a few patent fillings put on a credit card, working as telemarketers we have designed and patented a device that doesn’t require power to bring the temperature of the device down in seconds in a environment specifically needed for Dabs. We will be in all the smoke shops this summer, I’m writing my movie and starting an acting career. Tons of support from everyone as we solved a problem millions of people face everyday. Keep it cool!

Hal Savar Acoustic

Interactive charismatic singer/acoustic guitarist
Las Vegas, NV

With 15 years of experience playing high energy fun shows as well as intimate acoustic nights, every Hal Savar show is a revelation. Giving you chills with his bluesy voice & versatility, somehow being easily able to slide in & out of 10 different music genres, He truly is a Human Jukebox. With his talent to read a crowd, his charisma & options to play an interactive show w/ a 300 song menu or as a set music genre night, whatever your event needs are, you can be sure it will be incredible!

Lance Patterson

Lance Patterson Professional Actor and Stuntman
Las Vegas, NV

Lance Patterson is a licensed stuntman, driver, boxer, actor, model, Spanish-speaker, and fitness expert. He performed in various films, “Sin Sensos Si Hay Paradiso," “7 Days Alive," and “Restaurant Impossible." He trained at film/theatre school, Columbia College Chicago and Oklahoma State University.

Lee Peeped It With Da Topic Queen Podcast

Never Forget We Peeped It 1st
Las Vegas, NV

“LEEGIT” and “Da Topic Queen” are two sistas from Cali that PEEP the UNSEEN and bring to light what you think goes unnoticed. They just here to spit these topics they have on their chest. “Never Forget We Peeped It 1st.” A podcast that covers race, social issues, sports, relationships, sex and more. Coming from the perspective of two black women in the podcast industry.