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Best Independent artist self distributed!
Tampa, FL

Published Artist who Has Worked with Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Migos, Soulja Boy, Etc... From the Slums Of Belize bringing a Caribbean flavor to Trap Music & R&B.


Tampa, FL

Interactive & Charismatic Event Host with 5+ years of MC Experience looking to make your next event #OFFICIAL.

Yxung Narco

Tampa, FL

My passion and dream is to make it in the music industry i was born and raised in Connecticut i was in and out of houses with my parents moving all the time because money was tight. fast foward to 16-17 i fell into depression after seeing my parents really get into it. at 18 i found my love for music and turns out people like it alot so i worked very hard at jobs i hated saved paied for studio time recorded and now at 19 im going after the dream that saved my life .