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23 Forever / Eze Entertainment

23 Forever Experience
Atlanta, GA

Forever and ever

Monique As "your Deepest Desire"

Your Deepest Desire
Atlanta, GA

writer poet motivational speaker

Lashanna Bradley

Elle Capri Productions
Atlanta, GA

I am a poet who performs personal poetry from my books. I use poetry to express topics hard to discuss. I use poetry to motivate people and connect them together through words. I am a mother of teenage daughters.


Real Life. Real Reflections. Real Truth.
Nashville, TN

Author, Speaker, Writer, and Poet. Shaquanda Cole has been writing for over 20 years and encouraging all those who seek her guidance to live their dreams. She has been featured on a number of websites as a guest blogger, she has work with mayoral hopefuls, collegiate partners, and nonprofit organization to help prepare them for their future. She speaks life into those who call her. Allow her to encourage and motivate your family, friends, and staff at your next event.


Life Skills with Neck Ties To Empower Others
Atlanta, GA

During workshops and seminars Derrick Hayes started to share and teach others how to tie regular ties and the impact and feedback was incredible because many men, women and children were learning a new life skill for the first time. Now Derrick Hayes has branded himself as the “enTIEtainer” since he has added new tie tying techniques to his seminars, workshops, routines and stand up encouragement sessions

Queen Sheba

Triple Treat! Award Winning Poet + Dj & Comedian
Atlanta, GA

ATL 2018 Creative Loafing Spoken Word Artist of the Year , Gentlemen’s Foundation Woman of Artistry of the Year, 6 albums-last two up for Grammy’s, 2 books Amazon & Kindle. 18 year performance veteran, 9 countries Best host ever! Can travel with a band and/or Dj Artist colabs: Tabi Bonnet, Michael Phillips, Julie Dexter, Haziq Ali, Coriology, The King Malachi Corporate Relationships: lululemon, United Way, Red Bull, Reebok/Rockport Vegan athlete Ready to add more stamps to my passport!

A Heart's Garden

I’m A Poet, I Make Words Come To Life!
Atlanta, GA

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia Marion Lee Wornum is an up-incoming poet/author whose words are embodied with truth, personal experiences and wisdom that is destined to wake up a generation of fellow creative minds to embrace the words in their heart and freely express themselves. Follow Me on Social Media @AHeartsGarden and check out my blog aheartsgarden.wordpress.com