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Maura The Dancer

Luscious fire & earth creations by professional dancer Maura García

Maura García (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet) is a dancer, choreographer and entertainer. From stages to music videos to the outdoors, she inspires audiences to liberate themselves through vibrant performances channeling the sensual rhythms of the natural world. Like fire and earth dancing, Maura’s luscious creations reflect the power of stories to change our realities.

"deeply moved and inspired by Maura Garcia’s dance performance. Her work is layered, muscular, and surprising. In particular, her open, raw, emotional presence inside the movement is breathtaking"

- Marissa Wolf, Artistic Director, Portland Center Stage

“She danced with the splendor of an exotic butterfly. so deliberate in grace and in flight. Chasing excitement with every expression on her face. Her hands command the Earth to hold its breath. Her body launches from the stage as the butterfly glides from one daffodil to another for its honey. The music must go on, the rhythm must not stop. This pleasure is ours alone.”

- Josephine Acquirre
(Composed in response to Maura Garcia’s performance)


A playful joy bringer, Maura has performed in venues throughout North America, including:

  • Ackland Art Museum (NC, USA)

  • Atlas Performing Arts Center (DC, USA)

  • Bunnell Street Arts Center (AK, USA)

  • Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (AR, USA)

  • The Dance Centre (BC, Canada)

  • Dance Place (DC, USA)

  • Kansas City Repertory Theater (MO, USA)

  • La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club (NY, USA)

  • Lawrence Arts Center (KS, USA)

  • Links Hall (IL, USA)

  • Nanwalek Village, (“AK, USA”)

  • New York Theater Workshop (NY, USA)

  • Onkwehón:we Original People’s Festival (ON, Canada)

  • Rhythmically Speaking Festival (MN, USA)

  • Talking Stick Festival (BC, Canada)

  • Unedited Series (SC, USA)

  • Warm Springs Reservation (“OR, USA”)

  • Weesageechak Begins to Dance Festival (ON, Canada)

  • West Village Theatre (AB, Canada)

  • Woodland Cultural Centre (BC, Canada)

She offers the following services:


Choreography Commission (solo and/or ensemble)
- sensual choreography
- site-specific choreography
- choreography for music videos
- choreography for live music performances
- choreography for film, TV and commercials
- choreography for special events and spaces

Dance Performance (solo and/or ensemble)
Dance performance of Maura's original choreography for theaters, music videos, festivals, fashion shows, film, commercials, conferences, special events and/or occasions. Performances can be adapted to the stage, outdoors, unusual indoor spaces and/or house concerts.

Erotic Art & Shows
- Exclusive erotic experiences: custom, fantasy fulfilling photos & videos, 18+ NSFW
- Tantalizing private erotic dance shows: exquisitely artistic and deeply sensual, 18+ NSFW
- Maura’s Erotic Gallery: a virtual space where sensuality, dance, art, sex, and fun all intersect. 18+ NSFW

- dance
- erotic
- fitness

Public Speaking (available in English or Spanish)

Workshops, Master Classes & Residencies (available in English or Spanish)



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