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Barbara Amaya
Barbara Amaya

Barbara Amaya

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Barbara Amaya was featured on Fox news on 4/7/12. She told her story of overcoming abuse and being trafficked from the age of 12. Barbara has overcome adversity and she can inspire and empower people with her incredible life story. She went through more before the age of 18 than many people experience in a lifetime. She has been shot, stabbed, kidnapped, trafficked and much more. Despite all of these hardships she brings a message to people that they can overcome adversity in their own lives. She wants to bring her message of hope and empowerment to people who are going through what she did. And help people by hearing her story so that they will not go through what she did.

Performance Types

Virtual Performance$250+
Doorstep Performance$300+
Private Party$600+
Corporate Function$1000+
Other Special EventTBD

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