Photographers & Videographers in Minnesota

Don’t get stuck behind the camera and miss all the fun your next event. Leave the memory capturing to the professionals and actually enjoy the celebration you worked so hard to plan! You’ll be so glad you did.

Chiffy Wallace

Chiffy Female Rap Artist /Dj/Videographer/
Minneapolis, MN

Chiffy is a 27-year-old rapper based out of the Midwest who is putting her stamp down on a Male dominated industry. With her raw lyrics And undeniable talent if you were to book Chiffy we guarantee you will be satisfied. Chiffy performances insist of high energy and and great songs . Chiffy has also been nominated to perform at the Grammys and she has tour all over the United States . Check out her videos on YouTube and social media following she is up and coming

Be Be Photography

Minneapolis Photographer
Minneapolis, MN

BFA in photography, it’s my career and joy! I have a passion for growing local businesses. Currently freelancing in the commercial advertising world. Production of advertising shoots is also a role I love. Contact me for image needs ranging from event,fashion to family and product. Rates very depending on project and outcome needs.


Fayetteville, Arkansas Photographer and Lighter
Minneapolis, MN

My name is Jon Bain and I love photography and currently I am trying to learn how to use a drone. I have Tetra-chromatic eyes. I have my CDL.