Musicians in El Paso, Texas

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Young Saint Phillip

Rapper & Singers
El Paso, TX


Rio Thekid

Rio thekid aka rio suavé
El Paso, TX

being a kid from the south can really make a man rio thekid comes with a hards wave of wavy trap inspired music. His biggest influences are gunna and migos and the swag like thug and many more. he began he road to famous at just 18 and he has yet to stop given the fans rio. his style can make you jump and be relaxed on the way to work with his last to projects being hits rio is by far head up

David Casto

El Paso, TX

Hip-Hop artist that’s in love with the energy of the people


Kenny Okwunwanne
El Paso, TX

Rapper/Songwriter born and raised in El Paso, TX.