Musicians in Massachusetts

Time to level up! Hire a jazz duo for your next cocktail party, a steel drum player at your next beach themed event, or a pianist to entertain even the most discerning crowd. Find all of the above and so much more, below.

Jillian Jensen - Amber Eyes

Singer from X Factor and American Idol
Boston, MA

Hello there! My name is Jillian Jensen and I am a 26 year old, full time musician out of Boston, MA. I have the ability to perform solo with my acoustic guitar or keyboard, as well as duo with either another guitar/male vocalist or percussion and finally as a full five band piece band. (base rates vary based on what you want - piece wise) BUT - Whatever you need, we got it. I do any and all genres to cater to my clients needs and love my job. Looking forward to making your event awesome!

Chaser Eight

Dark Rock/Heartbreak Alternative
Springfield, MA

What's the difference between pop and rock and roll? You might get fucked. Joan Jett meets The Killers at a Foo Fighters show. -- Make it dangerous. Get fucked. And bring back the anger.

Franki Dennull / The Beings

Gettin the Hell out making music for Christ's sake
Boston, MA

I heard The Beatles when I was young They sang my life with every song I went to school but studied John I didn't become an artist,that's just wrong. I am an artist, until I'm gone. I write my songs because they are the venting of my mind, and if you understand them, doesn't that give them purpose?

Peter Lehndorff -stand-up Folk

Story songs about everyday life
Springfield, MA

PETER LEHNDORFF writes folk and jazz songs about everyday life. Many are humorous observations about everyday life, life in a small town and life in Massachusetts. In addition to his slice of life songs, Peter is now mixing the funny with the serious; the romantic with the eccentric. “Like the best of them, Lehndorff uses humor to point out life’s little truths.”— Lowell (MA) Sun

Rolla (musicsmilewitme)

Smile Wit ME!
Boston, MA

ROLLA Is A Singer/Songwriter Out From Boston, Ma Continously Working To Build Her Name & Following By Promoting On Her Social Media Outlets Daily And Also Most Importantly Creating Music To Put New Sounds (Music) Out On A Frequent Basis As Well As Her Current Single Titled "WORTH" Working Vigorously To Gain Full Exposure On Such A Great Happy Pop Anthem. For More Info About ROLLA (MusicSmileWitME) You Can Definitely Found Her On All Social Media Platforms.

Cody Roy

Boston, MA

I grew up in a small farm town in Massachusetts. At 8 years old I picked up my first trumpet and I never put it down, now at 21 years old I have already played and sat in with local bands such as Brass Attack, in 2016 I was on of 75 recipients in the USA to receive the National Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. I am also a voice actor for the last three years as the Balladeer for the NEO Dukes Hazzard County live action stunt show. I am also a respected singer. Check out my YouTube page for my videos


Springfield, MA

CT artist available for any event and have music for all genres (no cursing as well) clean feel good music for everyone

Kyrell Karter

Full Time Head Turner, Part Time Jaw Dropper
Springfield, MA

New Castle, PA native Ky’Rell Karter is a multi genre artist that is highly motivated, has incredible work ethic, and is very creative/original. He’s an artist that is hard to explain but with the ability to rap, sing, write, produce, and entertain live it makes him very hard to out do. His style is so unique he created his own genre...Draco Music. At the age of 19 he continues to memorize fans with his unique flows and techniques. The future is bright for this young independent artist.


Welcome to the University show!
Boston, MA

Up coming artist from Boston, MA with a unique rapping ability to captivate crowds from all walks of life. The love of hip hop started as kid while learning to dance and the opportunity to perform across the world at an early age. Music has been a passion that stuck with this artist through the trials & tribulations ultimately becoming the fuel on his journey to success. He believes that it’s not fame and notoriety that makes one successful, but rather the impact they leave. Raps next legend...

Jennifer Wang

“Her warm and sincere music will cheer you up.”
Boston, MA

Classical trained violinist, Ms. Jennifer’s repertoire also includes pop music, Christian worship and contemporary style. She also takes request to write songs and arrange music.