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How to Plan a Quinceañera Party

A woman sits on a bridge during her quinceanera

A quinceañera is the symbolic celebration of a girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Celebrated predominantly in Latin America, these extravagant parties are starting to catch on in other areas, including the United States. Considering the amount of tradition and spectacle often associated with quinceañeras, there is a lot to consider when planning.

One aspect of planning a quinceañera party that should not be overlooked is providing high-quality, appropriate entertainment for the event. Special Guest can help party planners find an artist or entertainer that fits the quinceañera you are planning. No matter where you are celebrating, Special Guest has an entertainment option for you.

You can start planning your party by checking out Special Guest’s quinceañera checklist below. There are a few significant themes you will want to keep in mind as you plan a quinceañera for the young woman in your life. Check out Special Guest’s tips for planning a quinceañera!

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Quinceañeras are often extravagant affairs that serve as the most prominent parties many families will ever plan regarding cost. While you should stick to a clear budget and only pay for what you can afford, a quinceañera party serves as a legitimate opportunity to splurge. These parties symbolize a momentous transition for young women, so pulling out all the stops might be called for in this case.

In other words, don’t hesitate to go a bit bigger than the typical party when planning a quinceañera if it means the party will improve. You can reasonably equate a quinceañera more with a prom than the usual birthday party.

 A young woman poses for a photo during her quinceanera

Remember Who is Being Celebrated

At the heart of a quinceañera is a teenage girl moving on to the next stage of her life. When planning a quinceañera party, keep the individual who is being celebrated in mind throughout the entire process. You should consult with the young woman at every stage to ensure that the party is molded to her liking.

Every birthday party should have an element of individuality to it, but a quinceañera should take that to the highest degree. Considering the money and resources you will likely need to be using towards the quinceañera, it should be of paramount importance to satisfy the guest of honor. From the food selection to the guest list, a quinceañera’s subject should be consulted at each turn.

Emphasize the Traditions

Quinceañeras are traditional celebrations that have centuries of history surrounding them. Despite the extravagance of modern quinceañeras, there is still a place for some of the traditional themes that have marked these celebrations for generations.

The origin of quinceañeras is somewhat vague, but you can dig into your family’s history to determine what kind of traditions you want to keep alive. These traditions do not necessarily need to be tied to past quinceañeras. Bringing food, music and other party elements that have a history in your family or culture should take their place at a quinceañera party.

Special Guest Can Help You Plan a Quinceañera Party

The entertainment options included on Special Guest are perfect for all social gatherings, including quinceañeras. Considering the cultural ties associated with quinceañeras, you may want to check out our cultural entertainment options. Start planning an incredible quinceañera with the help of Special Guest today!


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