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How to Book Live Entertainment

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Booking live entertainment has many facets that you should take into consideration. Check out this complete guide to entertainment booking from Special Guest! This article is part of a series of articles written to help guide and inform the process of booking LIVE entertainers for your special event.

How to Book Live Entertainment

Booking entertainment means more than just clicking “add to cart” and moving forward. After communicating with the entertainer you plan on having at your event and taking on the cost, the booking process is still not over. Consider the preparation and promotion of your event to be an extension of the booking process.

All of this can seem a bit overwhelming, but Special Guest can help you stay organized and ensure your entertainment event goes smoothly. Here you will find a basic outline of the central pillars that go into booking entertainment. Read on to get the complete picture of what Special Guest can offer!

Choosing Live Entertainment

When you are about to choose a live entertainment option, it is important to keep a few basic tips in mind. First, you should comprehensively know every entertainment option available on a site such as Special Guest. Do not skip any option until you have explored what it might bring to your event. 

Next, take note of the audience your event is likely to draw and ensure the entertainment choice will broadly interest that prospective audience. Lastly, keep your budget top of mind throughout the process and take special care to not overspend on an entertainment option that you can book for a more affordable price.

Preparing for Live Entertainment

Preparing for live entertainment has a lot to do with communicating well with the central figures of your event. Make sure you pick a receptive venue that will stay closely involved with your planning process. It would be best if you also communicated with the performers so that you are fully aware of what they need to do their thing. 

Finally, you need to be willing to ask for help so that you are not trying to prepare for live entertainment by yourself. Choose willing collaborators who will stay engaged throughout the process.

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Costs of Live Entertainment

There are a number of costs associated with live entertainment that you will need to be aware of in order to remain within your budget. Consider the time and place of your event. If you think the price for live entertainment will be the same at all times of the year and at all venues, you may want to dive a little deeper. The context of your event will be important information to share with your entertainment provider, and doing so will potentially adjust their asking price. 

Keep all of this in mind as you go through the budgeting process. One of your main goals in booking live entertainment should be to stay under budget while still providing the highest quality.

Promoting Live Entertainment

After the entertainment is chosen, the preparations are in order and the costs have been determined, it is time to dive headfirst into entertainment promotion mode. A multi-pronged strategy for entertainment promotion includes deploying both traditional and new media techniques. 

Promote your entertainment with word of mouth and hard copy advertising techniques that have worked for centuries. However, the main line of your promotional strategy should be based on new media advertising, specifically geared towards social media. Use this hybrid method of entertainment promotion to reach the widest audience.

Booking Live Entertainment with Special Guest

Special Guest can assist you with entertainment booking and everything related to it. The first step is to explore the live entertainment options in front of you, which you can find on Special Guest’s categorical listing page. Get started on booking live entertainment with Special Guest today!


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