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Mikayla Robinson

New York City, NY

I was born July 21, 1998 in a small town in Virginia where I began dancing at a young age. I moved to NYC at the age of 18 where I grew to love the arts more and more each day. I am a professional dancer that has just recently graduated from Joffrey Ballet school 2016 to 2019. I pick up choreography very fast and am very committed to every work/project that comes my way. I love being pushed, learning new things and am always up for a challenge.

Chyna Rose

Zumba Instructor,IVA Coach and Dancer
Poughkeepsie, NY

looking for something different wants a small demo or even a fundraiser hire me . my routines are tons of fun and believe you will all have a great time.

Dyloncé Starr

The One To Meet !
Buffalo, NY

I am a Young Actor, Dancer/choreographer, rapper and song writer, I live in Niagara Falls NY and I’m known as the Male Beyoncé without the singing! Im very hard working and dedicated to my craft and work well with others. I love learning new things and love building up my skills to become better than I am today everyday. Im very easy going and I’m Always ready to work. One day someone will hear me, feel me and see me later, if my time hasn’t come it’s coming just have to keep faith and push !

Joseph Washington

Androgynous Male Performing Artist.
New York City, NY

Looking for an agent and/or agency to represent my talent. Actor, Model and Dancer.

The Positive Brothers Inc

One Race In The World, Thats The Human Race !
New York City, NY

We are a family Orient Dance company who has came along way in spread our positivity, live & joy for the love of our dance art. Besides that we focus on the excellence of our performance so that our audience are satisfied with the best entertainment you will encounter !