Break Dancer in Paterson, New Jersey

B Boying, breaking, and breakdancing are 1970s American originals and still captivates audiences today. Browse Special Guest to hire break dancers now!


•Instagram @0fficialjp •Dancer •Social Influencer
New York City, NY

I’m a professional dancer / Social influencer based out of New York City. I’ve collaborated with multiple major brands, and I’ve used my creative directing skills to create social media content to market these brands. I’m also a member of The Brooklyn Nets Team Hype (NBA performer) and have been featured on TV Networks such as MTV, BET and Direct TV Now Ft. JLo for The SuperBowl. I’ve made featured appearances in music videos with major artist such as Jbalvin, French Montana Becky G, Ect.

The Positive Brothers Inc

One Race In The World, Thats The Human Race !
New York City, NY

We are a family Orient Dance company who has came along way in spread our positivity, live & joy for the love of our dance art. Besides that we focus on the excellence of our performance so that our audience are satisfied with the best entertainment you will encounter !