Middle Eastern Entertainment in Santa Barbara, California

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Classical Belly Dancer
Los Angeles, CA

Sa'eeda will transport your guests, taking them on a journey that uses the music and movements of the Middle East to create an unforgettable experience. Sa'eeda has been studying Middle Eastern dance since she was a teenager, performing professionally in 1990, and teaching since 1997. With her instinctive understanding of the soul of Middle Eastern music, Sa'eeda embodies the beauty and spirit of the art of belly dance. She continues to enjoy the depth and variety of expression that is available in this dance form. There are so many beautiful types of music, dance and other arts associated with what is labeled the "Belly dancing," including a variety of folk dances. A standard show is 20 minutes for $225. This includes wings, veil, finger cymbals and an exciting drum solo. Sword or candelabra, or a longer show, is available by request.