Cultural Entertainment in Detroit, Michigan

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Larry Callahan & Selected Of God

Gospel Choir
Detroit, MI

Larry Callahan & Selected of God is the Stellar Award nominated choir from Detroit, Michigan best known for their groundbreaking rendition of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" in the Emmy-winning Chrysler 200 "Born of Fire" Superbowl Commercial. Their previous CD,Evolution II, made it to the #3 Best Selling Gospel Album of 2013 and garnered them consideration for Grammy nomination! You also know them from their ovation performances on season 10 of the NBC series "America's Got Talent".

Brandyn "skilz" Burton

Professional Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer
Detroit, MI

Brandyn "SKilz" Burton is a versatile dance artist currently based out of Detroit, MI. He is classically trained in numerous dance forms including, but not limited to, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop & Tap and holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Dance Theatre Performance & Business. The award-winning artist dances, teaches and choreographs all over. His dance studio as well as professional dance & production companies aide him in both continuing to train & give back.

Lauren Belly Dance

Belly Dance Performer and Instructor

I took my first belly dancing class 13 years ago and fell in love. This led me to create my company, Lauren Jalbert Belly Dance, to promote the art of belly dancing and encourage others to find similar enjoyment in expressing themselves through dance. You will find me teaching belly dance classes and performing throughout Michigan, Ohio and Canada. I am the only Bellydance instructor to have taught at Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness. I taught at Nafas Fitness in Royal Oak for 5 years as well as hosting guest instructor workshops. My first performance troupe was the Shimmy Shakers. A very unique troupe, we were brought together under one instructor. She taught us everything she knew and left us quickly. The ones who stayed stood strong, tall and confident. Together we created the Shimmy Shakers. We represented all ages from 5 to 50. We formed our own studio, beginning to practice, choreograph and start a family. We performed throughout the dance community, having so much fun doing it. 4 years later I am continuing my passion for dance. I participated in the 2007 Michigan Renaissance Festival, where they held the first belly dance competition judged by the belly dance legends Aida Al-Adawi, Princess Madiha and Aziza Ammar. I was successful in winning first place, which only further ignited my focus on belly dancing.