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Cultural Entertainment in Chicago, Illinois

Go ahead and broaden your horizon. Breeze through the Cultural Entertainers on Special Guest and book talent that is sure to elevate your cool status a notch or two.

Mary Vaughn Band

Mary Vaughn and her Band are ready to bring MUSIC!
Chicago, IL

Mary Vaughn is a singer, songwriter and musician in Chicago, IL. She and her band are dedicated to making genuine music with an eclectic yet modern sound. Our live performance fusing rock, blues, pop and more integrates Mary's stunningly powerful vocals for a show that awes and inspires. We are so excited to bring our unique sound to our favorite city... Chicago! Do you need a band for your bar or venue? Maybe your event or party? Let Mary Vaughn Band bring the MUSIC.

Aadam Keeley

The Host with the Most
Chicago, IL

I've been emceeing for 10 years and I pride myself on making memorable events for the client and consumer. My hosting style is relatable, improvisational and engaging. The highest compliments is being rehired for doing an excellent job.

Ryman & The Righteous Sound

Originality & Versatility
Chicago, IL

Ryan Mannebach (AKA Ryman) is a musician, producer, music teacher, and band leader from Chicago, Illinois. His most recent release, “The Ryman L.P.” came out on June 1st and is making waves in Chicago with its exciting blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, Funk, RnB, and Jazz. At the album release show, Ryman & The Righteous Sound stirred the audience into a frenzy by playing the album straight through and ending the night with a powerful sing along on "A Little Love". Summer bookings currently open!

Osiris The Skater

Taking skating to a whole other, level.
Chicago, IL

Talented skater, born and raised in Chicago. Looking to spread my talents throughout the world. I skate because I have a passion for getting positive reactions. I’m a tennis pro by day, skater by night. I’m not picky, I’ll skate for anyone. Book me 😌 Instagram: OsirisTheSkater Facebook: Osiris Carroll

Billy Diangelo

One of Chicago’s Leaders of the New School

Billy Diangelo Natively from Cameroon West Africa, raised in Chicago is a 32 year old clinical pharmacist for Cook county healthcare systems of Chicago. He had been doing standup/hosting/acting for 5 years. He is known for his Instagram and Facebook skits as “African Dad” as well as his featured performance on Sway in the morning Comedy show, New York comedy festival, Memphis comedy festival just to name a few. He has done shows in the UK and all over the US.

Carlo Basile

Spanish Guitarist

Spanish Guitarist, Carlo Basile has performed with world class artists around the globe for the past 15 years. Most recently, Carlo toured with the Surabhi Ensemble to Vietnam, Spain, Portugal and Senegal in a global collaboration to rave reviews at each stop including Hanoi, Córdoba, Lisbon and Dakar. Carlo also has performed globally as a soloist, in a duo setting with artists such Diego Alonso (flamenco guitar), Chihsuan Yang (violin), and Ronnie Malley (oud), and with the Surabhi Ensemble.