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The coronavirus pandemic across the United States has left talent unemployed and in need of your support.

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Cuban Entertainment in Trenton, New Jersey

Be ready to dance to some Cuban ballet or sing to Fabrica de Arte Cubano with Cuban Entertainment! Perfect for your next great Cuban event or party!

Serene & Coco Salinas

International Duo
Philadelphia, PA

Serene Salinas and Coco Salinas of Philadelphia. This duo of professional singer/songwriters, performers, and actors, travel the globe providing unique live performance experiences for audiences worldwide! As if they had not already achieved enough, these global influencers recently added 'Award Winning Authors' to their list of worthy accomplishments; honored with the Philadelphia City Council Citation Award November'2019

Karen Rodriguez Latin Jazz Ensemble

Latin Jazz Ensemble
Philadelphia, PA

Karen and her ensemble have been performing together since 2000. They specialize in the following Latin styles: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Bolero, Bossa Nova, Mambo, Rumba, Cuban, Latin/Jazz, Guaracha, and Guajira. Karen also sings in five languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and English. Karen also is an accomplish Jazz vocalist and can perform in a Jazz arrangement upon request.