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Comedian/Actor/Podcast Host
Norfolk, VA

Local Comedian from 757 area. Very relatable material and very versatile. Biggest inspiration into comedy is to bring people together thru comedy Instagram@romedaviscomedy Facebook@romedaviscomedy cameo @romedaviscomedy twitter @romedaviscomedy podcast ig @no_i.d.podcast

Royalty Embrace

Norfolk, VA

I am just a Caribbean girl living in the USA trying to defeat constant struggle I work and in my spare time I write poetry sing do a little comedy every now and then and try to be a positive impact to other people who may be hurting in different areas with my singing and poetry writing just trying to make it out

Malcolm Johnson

Call Me Mac: I Charm Hearts and Tell Jokes
Norfolk, VA

Mac Jones is here to make people laugh one day at a time, one joke at a time. It only takes one hour or 30 mins of your time to get to know him. He loves to make friends and that’s what his guests are to him: friends, family and fans all in one.