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Jake Christensen

Clean Comedian
Salt Lake City, UT

I am a clean standup comedian. A lot of my humor is story telling and about dating because I am single and actively trying not to be. So if you want to book me for a 1 on 1 show and call it a date that’s freakin weird but I’m game. I do a lot of shows for FHE’s in Utah but I can make just about any occasion work except funerals...

Pete Jr Comedian

Former Mormon | Divorced Dad | Standup Comic
Salt Lake City, UT

This former Mormon has found humor in exile by bringing a style of comedy that pulls in all sides of the aisle. His fearless yet calculated approach allows him to touch all topics, and crush all crowds. Pete has been performing week in and week out throughout the local Utah comedy scene and has also toured throughout the Midwest as well. He has dedicated the past two years to honing his craft and developing a routine that's sure to leave audiences exhausted with laughter.