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Comedian Actor, Rap Artist, Funny Impersonator.
Austin, TX

Born and raised in Austin Texas on 08/30/1998 To Christina lampkin, FamousRoyals Full name is Kentrell Lampkin, He is currently 20years old, he grew up near Riverside Dr, he is musically talented and a great hype men, he can get any party turnt up, he is a funny comedian actor with a great personality and since of humor, his goals are to Help his Community and help out others in need, he also wants to use his talents to help others be able to achieve there talents.

Keven Meadows

Your Favorite Redhead
Austin, TX

I make comedy videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. I’ve written stand up, but a lot of it is vulgar and offensive. If you want some 18+ shocking, vulgar, and offensive humor, I am your guy.

Angelo Vescio

Comedian/Battle Rapper
Austin, TX

Angelo Vescio, also known by his rap moniker The Vesh, puts his own unique stamp on stand up by channeling his roots as a rap artist. A well known battle MC who has competed nationally at the legendary Scribble Jam Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, performing in the Grindtime and No Coast battle leagues while moonlighting in comedy clubs all over the Midwest. He was recently the runner-up in the 2018 Funniest in South Texas contest and won Battle Rapper of the Year at the 2016 Twin Cities Urban Musi

Shana "ur Favorite Diva Of Comedy"

Ur Favorite Diva of Comedy
San Antonio, TX

This funny Diva began performing stand-up in 2012 in Knoxville, TN. She moved to San Antonio in 2013 and continued performing her hilarious adult comedy. Giving her funny views on family, friends and relationships both in and around Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska. She also has a weekly radio show on THA1RADIO Station called “The Shana Show”.

Ky Krebs

Stand-up Comedian
Austin, TX

Ky Krebs (2018 Women in Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds, Dallas Comedy Festival) is a stand-up comedian and show producer based out of Austin, Texas. Krebs's sharp tongue and queer perspective delve into a surreal absurdity that manages to be both dark and playful. His first self-produced album, "Ky Krebs" debuted at #2 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. He has been described as "a Birbiglia-esque storyteller, and a masterful one" by Dallas' TheaterJones publication.

Comedian Jasmine Ellis

Charismatic, relatable and hilarious Stand Up
Austin, TX

Jasmine is a burst of energy and humor on stage. Her brand of storytelling and observational comedy is full of revelations on love and family with unique takes on our ever changing world. Jasmine Ellis is a star in the making who will make your event a success she’s been featured in the Moontower, Blue Whale, Bird City, Out of Bounds Comedy festivals and has recently featured and opened for greats like Netflix’s Christina P and SNL’s Michael Che. Besides Stand Up Comedy.

Michael Stansbury / Stand Up Comic / Jazz Trumpet

Funny, hard working and plays well with others!
Austin, TX

Greetings: I am a NOLA boy, with Texas tendencies. I was raised by my 60's radical, flower-child Mom, who decided to move back to her home town. Combine our redneck relatives, with a whole lot of DDT and you have the genesis of my comedy perspective. I have worked throughout TX, the South, and the Southwest. I was recently a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest. In addition, in high school, I was voted the most likely to talk about himself endlessly, in front of strangers!

Comedian Tai Nguyen

Stand up comedian Tai Nguyen
Austin, TX

Tai Nguyen is a stand up comedian in Austin TX that brings the joy of laughter into your heart. He has been featured on The Austin Chronicle, sold out Stateside Paramount and have over 2 hours of materials.

Colton Dowling

Austin, TX

Colton Dowling is an Austin based comedian, originally from everywhere (grew up as an army brat). He is a high-energy comic with a background in improv. His act is certain to surprise you in one way or another. The truth is, he is a gay and no he doesn't have to talk about it, but really he does - because it's hilarious. Colton has performed in many different countries, festivals and he even runs several shows in Austin. If he is in your city, catch him because he is a rolling man.