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Comedy Show in Orange County, California

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Improv master 🧠 Actor/ Comedian
Los Angeles, CA

my name is Louis Marabel I go by Louie. I’m an Actor / comedian. I improvise skits and make parody videos on Instagram I gained a following on Vine before it shut down sadly it shut down right when I was on the rise.

Joe Praino

Comedian, Host and All-Around Good Time.
Los Angeles, CA

Joe regularly performs at comedy clubs in Los Angeles and his hometown of New York. He tours the country as a headliner and as an opening act for comics such as Eddie Ifft & Lachlan Patterson. He is the co-host of the Dirty Sports Podcast, Dirty Slides, the Joe Praino Podcast and the now defunct Kooks of Komedy. He has appeared on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live and is a regular on the festival circuit including the Boston Comedy Fest, the Great American Comedy Fest, the SLO Fest and many more.

Dave Neal

Standup Comedian
Los Angeles, CA

Dave Neal is an American born standup comedian. His hilarious standup comedy is relatable to anybody who's had their heart broken. He takes his audiences with him on a journey for love and truth, with a refreshingly honest take on society's addiction to social media. He credits his obsession with relationships due to his codependency and being raised without a proper birds and the bees talk. Dave also hosts The SAP, a popular dating and relationship based podcast.

Fantastick Patrick

The coordinated comedian
Los Angeles, CA

Fantastick Patrick is an international performer that specializes in variety entertainment. What is variety entertainment you ask? Well, in Patrick’s case it is a unique entertainment experience that combines situational improvised comedy with a backdrop of absurd tricks and daring stunts. Patrick has been performing since 2005 to audiences around the globe from Europe to Asia, Canada to South America, across the United States and even on a ship in Antarctica! His diverse travels play into each o

Anthony Celenie

It’s me ya boi
Los Angeles, CA

Yo what it do. I provide the fine source of comedic relief and tasteful tunes. Really just trying to share the laughter

Kat King

Livin' my purpose, one laugh at a time-join me!
Orange County, CA

I'm just your friendly neighborhood class clown! I'm here to make you laugh, inspire you to enjoy living and laughing with others, and I hope you'll join me on the road to a joy-filled existence. My background consists of a little bit of everything--Jill of all trades, master of none (although I've been known for my choice Improv skills ;D). Improv is my lifestream. I believe comedy can honestly change the world, and I hope you do too!

Evan Leslie

Let’s take a trip to outer space
Los Angeles, CA

Comedian Evan Leslie has been able to transcend traditional comedy by incorporating his psychedelic existentialist views of the world into his material and everyday life.

Allan Cunningham

Nothing is funnier than the truth
Los Angeles, CA

Comedian Allan Cunningham is one of the last great storytellers. His laid-back demeanor allows him to paint a hilarious picture so vivid you can hang on the wall. Off stage you can catch him mastering his craft as an actor, director and writer.

Rene Vaca

FUNNIEST Indian Looking Mexican YOU’LL EVER MEET!
Los Angeles, CA

Rene Vaca was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. He started his career at the age of 19 while he was studying at the University of California, Merced. Where he eventually dropped out for his dream of becoming a stand up comedian. Rene Vaca has shared the stage with great comedians in the industry such as Willie Barcena, Joey Medina, Amir K., Bill Burr, Ken Jeong, Jamie Kennedy & More!

Katie Cazorla

I love Stand Up Comedy and Hosting.
Los Angeles, CA

Katie made her way to LA after winning a Stand Up Comedy award at the age of 20. She started in 2000 at the most famous clubs around LA, eventually landing a regular show at The Comedy Store. Taking a break to star in her own TV show, Nail Files, which broke ratings history on TV Guide Network and then starring in Second Wives Club on E! She can be seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live, NBC, BET, FOX, Steve Harvey and a Regular role on Hallmark Home and Family. Katie is a Laugh Factory regular and Host.