Bands & Ensembles in New Jersey

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).


Classic Rock 60-90s - Wonderloaf and BIGmoore East
Newark, NJ

What is Wonderloaf? We are a 5 piece who like to play RAWK music. The line up is now solidified with a male and female lead singer who sing as it their lives depended on it, a lead guitarist that makes you wonder "how did he do that" and a rhythm section of bass and drums that drive the whole 'Loaf' and "bring the heavy". We accept the fact that we may not fit into a typical mold of cover band. We all play with a passion and dedication to the music, the song, the venue.

What About Bob?

High Energy/Fun 90's-Now Alt/Pop/Grunge Partyband
Newark, NJ

Loads of Energy, tons of Fun. What About Bob? will have your bar dancing, rocking, and partying to the wee hours. Featuring 90's Alt/Grunge hits from the 90's-Today sprinkled in with some Pop Hits & Crowd Favorites, What About Bob? brings a blend of musical acumen, venue awareness, crowd engaging personality to each establishment we play. Seasoned, professional, fun, musicians all of whom are adults and understand life and that you are running a business. Never dull and never disappointing

Streets And Avenues Band

Streets and Avenues Band
Newark, NJ

We are a roots band for hire that plays Jazz, Rock, and Chicago Blues. Our music puts our own special spin on timeless classics.

Nobody's Fool

The Classic Rock you USED to hear!
Newark, NJ

We are a Classic Rock band and play music from the '70s to the '90s. We even throw in a few new tunes. We've been playing together since 2006 and have built a large following. We love playing music and giving people a great time.


The Ultimate Party Band
Newark, NJ

Looking for The Ultimate Party Band? Want a band that everyone will love? Look no further Q-Que covers the classics as well as some of today's top hits! This North Jersey Based band is sure to show you and your guests a fun time.

Naughty Humphrey

Your Favorite Classics Unabashedly Rocked!
Newark, NJ

Looking for an exciting, fun alternative to the same old, same old out there? Naughty Humphrey strives to separate from the pack. We play popular covers from the 60's thru today, but we resurrect those lost classics that have been overlooked and forgotten. And you'll be glad we did. With literally THOUSANDS of classic songs to choose from over music's illustrious history, why settle on the same tired songs? You're far too creative and brilliant for that! Are you naughty...or naught?


Hendersons - Rock n Roll, Country, Blues music
Newark, NJ

Bass/Vocals: Gary Truelove. Gary began his bass training at the Guitar Study Center in NYC in the late 1970's and has played with various rock/blues groups. Drums/Vocals: Jim Heimbuck. Jim has played for 30 plus years and is well versed in rock, punk, blues, fusion, jazz, R+B, funk and country. Lead Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Vocals: Jonathan King. Jon toured extensively with professional bands in the South West prior to attending College.


Singer Songwriters Trio band
Newark, NJ

We are a trio band called "BLEND". 3 singers, 2 guitars and bass. A lot of harmony filled songs. Playing songs people can sing along with. Many genres such as classic rock, contemporary rock and country. Similar to bands like The Beatles, The Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, Jason Mraz, and Zac Brown


Textured harmonies & ripping guitars
Newark, NJ

Textured harmonies, ripping guitars, and top-notch musicianship define Hawk's approach to playing great music. They are a versatile five-piece band that plays music from the 60's right on up to what just came out last week. Performing at bars, restaurants, festivals, charity events, formals, weddings, and private parties, when you attend a Hawk performance, you'll hear music from The Beatles to Queen and everything in between.

Till We Can't

We play Classic Rock 'n Roll that everyone loves!
Newark, NJ

North Jersey’s own "Till We Can’t" brings powerful energy to the live music scene. We are talented, seasoned professionals who have done it all before. We play vintage rock covers and original music that captures the spirit of LIVE ROCK & ROLL the way it is supposed to be played–loud and authentic. Listen, dance, reminisce, and enjoy!! Till We Can’t is available to play for your party, event, wedding, BBQ, festival, special occasion, bar and restaurant in the NJ/NY area.