Bands & Ensembles in New Orleans, Louisiana

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

Andrews Family Music Group

Andrews Family Music Group, we do all events.
New Orleans, LA

The “Andrews family music group”, Is one of the most relevant Jazz/Brass bands in the city of New Orleans. They’ve toured all over the world, nationally and internationally; with they’re world famous cousin’s Glenn David Andrews, and Trombone Shorty Andrews. The group is now on a journey to make their own mark, In today’s Jazz/brass-band music scene.

Brotha Josh and The Quickness

Brotha Josh and The Quickness-Neo soul band
New Orleans, LA

Formed by New Orleans native Brotha Josh and The Quickness was formed in 2017. Holt was trying to create a group to showcase his singing and songwriting abilities. Attending the University of Southern Mississippi he found like minded individuals and members to help create the music he wanted to make. With members Joshua Holt, Philip Tapscott, Gunner Vowell, Chris Miller, Trey Cook and Thomas Catlett. They are Brotha Josh and The Quickness and area about to release there debut album.


New Orleans, LA

Young dope artist from Westside New Orleans born and raised. Super passionate and relatable versatile artist with Dreams to make timeless music for the soundtrack to the world.