Bands & Ensembles in Illinois

Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

Derek Fawcett

Celebrated Chicago-based singer-songwriter
Chicago, IL

Derek Fawcett has shared stages with Peter Frampton, Ben Folds, America, Pat Benatar, Colin Hay, Gin Blossoms, and Blues Traveler, and performed with Chance The Rapper at Lollapalooza, touring across much of the U.S. and parts of Canada, Europe, and South Africa. A SESAC songwriter, his songs have been requested for submission to country stars Garth Brooks and Little Big Town, and Fox TV’s Empire (where he has appeared as an actor). Voice over clients include Kohler, FedEx, and Ford Motor Co.

Ethan Bell

When retro-pop and country music bump boots.
Chicago, IL

The Ethan Bell Band is what happens when retro-pop and country music bump boots in the back of the honky tonk. With bar bashing, boy band belting, flashy stage move dancing, and story telling. They keep audiences captivated with their mashups of pop, hip hop and country songs that you love from your radio, while swooning you with their romantic ballads and introspective songwriting.

Carleton Koldyke

Solo Guitarist and Singer for your next event
Chicago, IL

Carleton Koldyke is the musician to transform your next bar night or event in to a truly fun, unique, and entertaining experience. While a solo act, Carleton brings the same energy that a full-scale band would to any room. With just his guitar and voice, Carleton caters to any venue and setting, either adding background music for a relaxing cocktail hour or being the life of the party with sing-a-long favorites for everyone to enjoy.

Ryman & The Righteous Sound

Originality & Versatility
Chicago, IL

Ryan Mannebach (AKA Ryman) is a musician, producer, music teacher, and band leader from Chicago, Illinois. His most recent release, “The Ryman L.P.” came out on June 1st and is making waves in Chicago with its exciting blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, Funk, RnB, and Jazz. At the album release show, Ryman & The Righteous Sound stirred the audience into a frenzy by playing the album straight through and ending the night with a powerful sing along on "A Little Love". Summer bookings currently open!

Little Parade

Children and Family Music
Chicago, IL

Little Parade exists to invest into the lives of children alongside parents and caregivers. Whether it be books, albums, concerts or our parent-child classes we desire to see children develop a healthy foundation in creativity and confidence.