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Wanna hire a rockstar? Yea you do... or maybe you don’t and are just looking for a Jazz singer (BTW, we think Jazz soloists are total rockstars). No matter the genre or style, the Special Guest band category will not disappoint. Scroll through our talent to book the perfect entertainment for your next big bash (or intimate cocktail party).

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Ethan Staus

Singer Songwriter - Folk, Alt-Country, & Rock
Los Angeles, CA

Ethan Staus is a refined singer songwriter and musician based out of Orange County, California. He began playing music at an early age and has followed his passion ever since. By being versatile in several instruments, he decided to further his passion by studying Jazz Guitar, Piano, and Theory at Fullerton College. Fast forward to now, Ethan has played hundreds of shows and maintains several residencies in Southern California. His ability to write songs that captivate audiences is the fire that drives him to journey forward on a musical path. "His songwriting emulates the greats and furthers a light of their original glow."

Nicki Bove

R&B/Soul Pop
Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Philly, her love for soul music was in her veins. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2010, Nicki continued her journey to the West Coast where she currently works and sings everywhere she can! Nicki has been passionately singing, writing, mixing and creating music for most of her life, including numerous appearances in Philly, Boston, Los Angeles and around the world.

Massive Mcgregor

Lead vocal/ Guitar/ Bass/ Drums/ Lead guitar/ Keyboards
Los Angeles, CA

Massive McGregor has been performing for decades all over the Caribbean! Before he came to reside in the United States, McGregor's former band, Bamiki Bandula, opened for the infamous James Brown, making them a staple in the reggae community. Since then, he has worked with Kerry Gordy, who signed McGregor's new band Belize to Prince's label, Paisley Park of Warner Brothers. McGregor performed with The Black Eyed Peas's guitar player George Pajon, before moving on to play reggae roots music with numerous talented musicians. Some of his accolades include performing with his famous cousin Freddy McGregor, Fully Fullwood, Peter Tosh, Lewis Richards, Rome Ramirez and Eric Wilson of Sublime. Currently, he is busy in the studio working on his new album featuring over 100 new songs. When Massive McGregor performs, you will feel and see the talent that runs through his every move! Don't miss out on your chance to experience a reggae legend!

Jj Smith & The Helm Band... Also Avail Duo & Solo

JJ Smith & the Helm
Orange County, CA

The Helm run the rugged edge of folk & country, Americana-grass-blues and rock & roll (if you lose the roll you lose the swing!) Not wanting to corner themselves to a genre, this Laguna Beach band came together after a collection of original tunes by JJ Smith was recorded in the winter of 2013. Their music can become infectious; their original tunes stay with you, and they churn favorite covers like ice cream, The Helm make them their own with grooves so nice you want to hear them twice!

Jb And The Big Circle Riders

Traditional/contemporary country and classic rock
Los Angeles, CA

We are a Los Angeles based country rock band that perform a combination of both classic and contemporary country hits as well as a bit of classic Southern and blues rock. ​Since late January of 2014, JB and The Big Circle Riders have been entertaining audiences far and wide via many shapes and sizes of venues with their style of HIGH OCTANE Country rock cover songs and originals. We are a winning ensemble that truly connects with it's audiences! ​

Lkm Lesterfari/kings Music

Original Rotts Reggae Music
Los Angeles, CA

"Lesterfari" (Pronounced- "Lester - Far - Eye") (Simbarashe - (Cim-Bah-Ra-Che) "Lester" (Latin: Meaning Leader Of Legions or Seeker Of God). "Fari" (Amarak, Ethiopian, Derivative Of Rasta Fari: Meaning Creator or in this case Creative! LesterFari; Means ("Seeker Of God The Creator"). ("Leader Of Legions, Creative") Simbarashe Means; Shona, Ndbele, Zimbabwe (God's Power or the Power of God! Respectively). Fari as he prefers to be called by most friends and fans, began his musical journey at age 11 on drums, later moving on to the guitar by the age of 17. With an international musical palette, interest in varied musical genre's, Fari feels obsessed w/music, loves music and was BORN

Mike Kennedy

Instrumental Americana, Jazz and Twang
Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia guitarist and music maker, Mike Kennedy, has been sharing his passion for melody and musical imagery with eclectic audiences for over twenty years. Mike has spent his musical life exploring many moods, textures and spaces and continues to use each performance as a launchpad to search for new and compelling musical experiences. Mike’s recent release, ‘Landfall”, features haunting melodic passages, plenty of Twang, pedal steel and calls upon imagery reminiscent of the wild west.

Redwood Black

Country/Rock Band Based in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Redwood Black came to life in 2017. Members JT Harker, Joe Devenney, Alex Seller, Todd Coogan, and Joe Conner, previously were known as the band Honky Tonk Boombox. Residing in the metropolis of Los Angeles, California, their sound combines the richness and depth of California’s country music heritage and a rock/pop edge that only comes from being immersed in the LA music scene. The band recently released it’s debut single “Murder In Georgia”.

Crimson Crowbar

Crimson Crowbar From L.A.
Los Angeles, CA

In 1991 David formed best essay writing services from our essaywriting service Crimson Crowbar, initially to be able to play with all of the talented L.A. musicians he had met over the years. It was a “collective”. With so many top “touring pros” coming home on tour breaks, David was able to put together some incredible lineups of musicians that would otherwise never get to play together. Players like Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule) Mitch Marine (Dwight Yokum) Mike Malinin (The GooGoo Dolls) Chris Ralles (Pat Benetar) Erik Eldinius (Billy Idol) Stevie DiStanislao (CSN & David Gilmour) and John Avila (Oingo Boingo) Greg Camp (Smash Mouth) Michael Klooster (Smash Mouth) were regular members of the ever evolving band. And still show up from time to time… In the present day we have a “special lineup” once again. Enter Todd Wolf on Drums, (Beth Hart) and Emily Kilimnik on Violin. Together these four have been playing to packed houses all over Southern California! With their popularity on a steady rise and big plans for the future, as anyone who has seen them will tell you, this is a polished, great sounding, must see show!

West Coast Strayz

West Coast Strayz
Los Angeles, CA

Classic rock band with all your favorites from bands such as the Stones, Dead, Petty, Little Feat, Allmans, Skynard, Van Morrison and so many more!