Artists in Jacksonville, Florida

What is a true artist and why do you need to hire one today? Scroll the profiles of our artists and discover the amazing talent in this all encompassing category of airbrush and body painters, caricaturists, and more.

Buffalohealy Art

Jacksonville, FL

pro artist // 10 years experience // ready to get creative for anybody // anywhere

L Green

Up and coming actor
Jacksonville, FL

I am originally from Memphis but now reside in Jacksonville. I will be one of the greatest actors ever.

Eatfood Stuwop

Jacksonville, FL

Eatfood Stuwop is orginally from Jacksonville, FL where he has found his love for music, which he considers himself a versatile rapper. Within the past two years of his starting career, he has been on the run every since he started. He is known for his name “EATFOOD” from playing a game of dice and it has turned into a brand and a growing business as well. He was influenced by one of his colleagues in the neighborhood where he grew up. He is known for his popular song right now “FUK ON YOUR BIH