Fine Artist

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A World For You

A World For You
Orange County, CA

Brandon James of Saratoga Springs, NY, is the talented multi-instrumentalist that makes up A World For You. Now based out of Riverside, CA, A World For You’s mellow and melodic brand of Indie/Blues/Rock is intriguing and captivating. By composing all of the music and playing all of the instruments, Brandon showcases his exceptional musical talent.


Music for the soul.
Las Vegas, NV

From Southern California to Las Vegas Nevada, this songstress is dominating the music scene with her pipes of gold and sultry music. She wants to connect with women across the world through her artistry and inspire people to always be themselves. I am Chantel.

Jay Kwasi And B.a.g. The Label

Jay Kwasi
Edison, NJ

Brooklyn Born And Jersey’s Very Own Audio Tech Engineer Fashion Designer Poet Singer Songwriter Graphic Designer Director Editor Marketer Manager Painter Artist C.E.O Owner and A&R of B.A.G. @bagthelabel


Music Artist
Los Angeles, CA

Music artist from Oahu Hawaii. I have two banger songs out right now you can check out on Spotify or whatever you prefer, just look up Xfiji. I do Venues or any type of gigs. I also do acting and I’m going to school for directing.


Dallas, TX

I am a singer/ songwriter. I’ve been writing since my freshman year of high school and singing all my life. I am looking forward to working with many different artists to help them in their careers as much as my own.

Tanr Lemn.

Indianapolis, IN

Atypical artist-type. Started making music in 2016.

Brendan Jackson

We are here to change, the, world....
Washington, DC

20 years old, making music for and for and the world we live in, theres a place in your heart and I know it is love, to heal the world


Dlo 319🚀 Hottest Artist out the 9️⃣
Minneapolis, MN

Check out @Dlo_319 Hottest Artist From The 9🤘🏾🛸 Go follow him Instagram: @dlo_319 Twitter: @dlo_319

Dboy Da Youngin

Putin in work

Am a recording artist from mobile Alabama on a mission to Mack away for my family cuz were we come from it’s a lot of lost souls here in am not trying to be one of them most of my homeboys that I grow up dead or in prison and am tryin to make away not tryin to go that way in leave my son in this cold world so if y’all need some real music y’all contact me so I can show my ppl it is away out just got to believe in god in it will happ no matter how long it take just no it’s comeing 🙏🏿

Moe Plenty/b Walls/ Bridgitte Walls

New Beginnings, New Adventure!
Detroit, MI

Grew up in a average small city of Lima, Ohio. Grew up in a big single home with 6 siblings. Dropped out of high school at 16 years old because of a disability of schizoaffective disorder with high functioning autism. Managed to graduate on time in 2011. Always enjoyed drawing and all types of arts as being in her free time. she yearns to go to the big screen as a career!