Artists in Allentown, Pennsylvania

What is a true artist and why do you need to hire one today? Scroll the profiles of our artists and discover the amazing talent in this all encompassing category of airbrush and body painters, caricaturists, and more.

Tommy Boi

Hip Hop/Rap Artist
Philadelphia, PA

Hey everyone, I go by the name Tommy Boi. I am 22 years old and have been rapping for about 5 years now but have been taking it seriously for the past 2. I currently do not have the most live experience but that's why I am here! You can find most of my songs on all platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, etc. Give me a chance and I will make it one GREAT SHOW!

Adam Ditroia

Instrumental Piano Artist
Wilkes Barre, PA

Adam DiTroia is an instrumental piano artist and keyboard player who has been performing for almost 30 years. He is also a composer, who's music can be heard on shows like Silicon Valley and Man Vs. Food, as well as dozens of video games and apps. Adam's piano playing sets the perfect mood for casual, romantic, or family dining. He is also available for cocktail hours and wedding ceremonies.


Makeup Artist 💄
Philadelphia, PA

Hello My name is Khalif aka LiffyTheMUA, I recently graduated from Empire Beauty school on December 19th 2018. Makeup is my passion and I enjoy doing it. Makeup is a form of art and expression to me and I love making my clients feel beautiful and it touches my heart knowing I made there day just alil better by boosting there confidence and seeing that smile on there face. Book with me❤️ and check out more of my work on Instagram @LiffyTheMUA

Gr3g Hunt

Philadelphia, PA

GR3G HUNT was born in the parts unknown. He was raised in the darkness Lake Valley,DJ & producer Gr3g Hunt is a name needing little introduction but deserving acclaim. Having built a career and reputation He was first introduced to the electronic music scene in the rave phenomena. Originally producing house and techno. In 2006, he decided that he was going to make anything EDM including sub genres and hardstyle.. All production under the name GR3G HUNT is original. As his image to transend

Richard Thomas

Acoustic Artist
Allentown, PA

Acoustic artist from Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Richard follows his soul and in doing so works very hard to achieve success in what he does. A talented acoustic artist and performer who won't fail to entertain the crowd. Any event at any size, Richard is your guy.

Matthew R. Bailey

Singer, Songwriter and Guitar Player.
Allentown, PA

Matt has been performing professionally for nearly 10 years. Often called the "One Man Band," he uses a device called a loop station to create the sound of multiple instruments on stage at once. He has committed over 250 songs to memory, which can be requested from his musical menu that is distributed to his audiences. Matt's song selections include Classic Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, R&B and more. Praised for his versatility, Matt aims to entertain audiences of all demographics.

Steve Doht

Book Steve Doht Today!
Philadelphia, PA

Rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter


#GGE X #TeamBoss
Philadelphia, PA

GoGetterO started his music career by writing a Movie called "Da-P"based on a up and coming South Philly rapper who faces adversity throughout South Philadelphia while trying to pursue his music career in hopes of making it independently as a rap artist and overcoming the mean streets of South Philly. GoGetter's music in real life has caught the ears of music fans and big time Curaters in the music industry. Oliver Burbage aka "GoGetterO" is a Jack of All Trades with a Heavy film resume.

Kryzzy Drewit

Quick And Cute Caricatures!
Allentown, PA

Krystal Simmons, also known as Kryzzy Drewit, has been drawing caricatures professionally for 14 years. She’s drawn at state/local fairs and festivals all over the United States, with her start being at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her favorite venue however, is private events where she feels the most relaxed and appreciated and can produce some of her best work. Her ability to capture likenesses through vivid and detailed linework is sure to wow your guests. Book her today!


Marzmade mobile tattooist and artist
Allentown, PA

I am a 4x combat veterans and purple heart recipient turned tattooist/artist. After being injured in Afghnaistan and Iraq I turned to art for healing.