Actors & Actresses in Nevada

Shooting a commercial or music video and need talent? Add legit credibility to your upcoming project by hiring a professional actor or actress. The perfect person is available below.

Kyomi Knight

Las Vegas, NV

Kyomi is an energetic, positive, reliable, and successful individual open to new opportunities. Her addiction to laughing and doing all she can with her community keeps her smiling bright. She started her passion for the arts acting in plays and improv classes in high school. Her skill set opened doors to starting a new career in a variety of fields such as acting, modeling, and promotional modeling. Her focus now is to build stronger professional relationships and excel in the industry.

Gho Rnc

RNC the Movement
Las Vegas, NV

Replace Never Chase Upcoming Artist

Feezle Man

trap, r&b, rap
Las Vegas, NV

Feezle Man is an artist out of Federal Way, Wa. currently residing in Las Vegas who has a unique style of singing mixed with rapping. r&b and rap is the best mix and that’s what Feezle excels in, in his craft. he’s has the hints of working with big artist such as Blueface & Solo Lucci.

Mystic Marie

Vegas Mystic,Muse & Dancer
Las Vegas, NV

Experienced Model,Fortune Teller & Go Go Dancer for over 10 Years.I am an empathic Psychic & Reader,using Tarot,Oracle & Crystal Ball/Pendulum to share positive insights and fortunes locally for private and public celebrations.I am also,available to perform as Dancer or Model for Live Body Painting!

Keiana Taylor

North Las Vegas, NV

I'm an Aspiring Actress worked on one movie with a bunch of respected celebrities in the industry. Started writing Poetry & doing spoken word for 3 years, Started Dancing at an early age & been in countless parades & community performances, started doing my own choreography & having people take my classes. Self taught Artist, & part time Roller-skater. Just looking to expand & brand myself more all while expressing myself & doing things I love.


Model, Singer, Songwriter, & Rapper
North Las Vegas, NV

Kentrello was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada. Ever since Kentrello was 10 years years old, he’s been writing music. Now at the age of 24, he’s performing it. Kentrello is also taking piano lessons to become a better musician. Though he isn’t proficient at it yet, he’s excelling everyday. Kentrello also produces is own music. Everyday he is growing and looking for more opportunities. In his words, “the vision is always there, even if you can’t see it.”


Music for the soul.
Las Vegas, NV

From Southern California to Las Vegas Nevada, this songstress is dominating the music scene with her pipes of gold and sultry music. She wants to connect with women across the world through her artistry and inspire people to always be themselves. I am Chantel.

Nic Hill

Non-union Actor
North Las Vegas, NV

My ultimate goal is to try to entertain the world, and with talk I’m saying that I’m trying present everybody with pretty cool moves I have. For a passion in dancing because I feel like I’ll blow everyone away with myself on the dance floor! Also I can model too so I’m good with working the camera and connecting with the fans! Thing is since I know I have the talent in me by now I’m ready to present it worldwide.

Jerome Fernandez

North Las Vegas, NV

I Love Being a Singer, Dancer, Actor


Lawrence (EyeAmCamino) Wade ceo/founder
Las Vegas, NV

CEO, FOUNDER OF S.H.I.N.E. ENTERTAINMENT LLC. Award🥇Winning Singer 🎤Songwriter 🎼 Producer💡Actor🎥 and Promoter📢 from Gary, Indiana 6’4 currently living in Las Vegas also co owner of WE S.H.I.N.E. STUDIOS AND ART GALLERY rates listed is for hourly studio time performing rates and walkthroughs email eyeamcamino@gmail.com