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Kiah Jewell Saxe: Singer & Performer

Singer for anything you need!!
Poughkeepsie, NY

Hi my names Kiah Saxe! I am a singer/performer & currently work as playing Elsa for children’s birthday parties. I have performed in a variety of shows & am currently playing Katherine in a production of Newsies. I have also played in Grease as Sandy, Heathers as Heather McNamara, Pippin as Catherine, Chicago as Velma Kelley, and Les Miserables as Eponine. I have also sang the national anthem at many events, and have done gigs at cafes. I’d love to help out as much as i can!


New York City, NY

As a teenager we usually tend to believe anything we see. My dream was to become an actress ever since I was 6 years old. The talent agencies I thought were real were actually fake. They got my hopes up and leaded me on. When I learned the truth about the Hollywood industry, I continued by writing and producing my own productions. Now I’ve pretty much earned a title as one of the youngest screenwriters and directors in the world.

Gionni Perez

Gionni Peréz 6 yr old Model/ Actor / voice overs
New York City, NY

Born and raised in NYC ! Introduced to modeling, acting at the age of 4 ! Model: ACFW , Soho Fashion week, YSclothier, Plitz Fashion Democracy, jchic , Glamour Fashion week, Ready to wear Fashion, Acting: “ Sugar Plum Fairies “ Sean Hayes “ when I woke up today” Laurie Berkner YouTube video voice over : “Young Mason “ short Film: “Unwanted” Michelle C Yu photoshoot: juicy juice , Jimmy Jazz