Actor in Oakland, California

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Misi The Entertainer

Former Collegiate athlete & aspiring entertainer
San Francisco, CA

I was raised in the beautiful island paradise of Hawai’i and was surrounded by talented family all my life. many of there talents have now rubbed on me and just like them, I wish to share my talents! I’ve been singing and training my voice for 10 years and perform Fireknife dancing since the age of 4. I want to do it to the best of my ability and break the mold of only having to do the things we were told we could only do. we all have untapped potential and I want to help tap into it!

Taylor Patton

Napa, CA

independent artist, on a mission to spread positive energy through the sounds of hip-hop, r&b, alternative, and soul. Humbled individual out of Fairfield California who enjoys bringing energy to the event, big or small.

Kristian Shirallie

San Francisco, CA

I have a big passion for singing! I love to sing in front of crowds or just for a few people! I have preformed at talent shows, church services, and music festivals/ singing recitals! I love to sing many different styles of music!

Joseph Galang

I have worked in clubs all over California and NY
San Francisco, CA

I was born into a family not ready to have kids so there was a lot of tension in the house. I learned how to break that tension at an early age with comedy. My parents raised me in the Silicon Valley so being poor made me stand out a little. After my parents sent me to rehab for weed I left for New York. I was going to get away and follow my comedy dreams. I was put to the grind for a year in New York. My joke arsenal expanded greatly because of pilgrimaged to the Big apple.

Victor Sanchez

Let’s do this!
San Francisco, CA

I'm a 6 3' Model / Actor with sophisticated European features, and a fun and killer personality! Let's do this! And make it happen;)

Comedian/actor Steph Sanders

Ready to LAUGH?
San Francisco, CA

Steph Sanders is a multi-faceted Comedian/Actor with a fresh energy and raucous material for everyone to enjoy! Originally from Dayton, Ohio and thrown into a steady diet of acting, dance, musical instruments, and sports from an early age gave him his thirst for the stage and eventually the screen. A professional stand-up comic for over 10 years now, this gives him a regular platform to bring his life, pain, and characters to thousands nightly!

Darryl Hill

Entrepreneur/Aspiring Actor/Song writer/Producer
San Francisco, CA

Name: Darryl Hill Age: 23 Hometown: Oakland, Ca I am an Aspiring actor, song writer, producer and many more. I have a passion for the things I do here and give my best work as I should. I’m from Oakland California born and raised as I am now a Valet manager at a Mercedes Benz dealership. I went to Oakland Technical HS, 4 years, but I got my high school diploma at Ralph J Bunch HS in 2014. I’m now just leading my life into the right direction and going for what I know.

Jawaan Rubin

Here to Bring Creativity and Inspiration to All.
San Francisco, CA

Jawaan Rubin is a comedian/actor/writer/vocalist that has been entertaining the greater Bay Area since 1996.

Santiago Dangerous

Model-Actor-Director-Motivational Speaker
San Francisco, CA

I am a full time free lance model, actor, director and motivational speaker. I enjoy using my platform through art and public speaking to bring my community together. I continue to hold myself to a higher caliber with every project I take on. I am continuing to raise the bar for myself to become part of bigger projects and ideas. my goal is to get signed to an successful agency were I can further build my platform and continue to spread my knowledge to my current and future followers.

Cathe B

Stand-up, Improv, and VOICES
San Francisco, CA

Started stand up on a dare at the Comedy Connection at the Charles Playhouse in '81, and never stopped. Voice acting! Game Acting! Improvisation with Second City! Stand up for over 3 Decades! Currently home based in San Francisco! Calarts Trained. Life Experienced. Former rat trainer for Penn & Teller. Formerly a homeless Veteran. Gleefully divorced 3x.