Book Talent in Madison, Wisconsin

Steve “barbecue” Lulofs

Private In-home BBQ Class
Chicago, IL

I offer a private laid back bbq class for you and friends at your home and I bring all the food for the class. I will teach you and your friends about fire, smoke, and bbq. We will work together on the menu and I’ll make a custom class around your wants. Why not be the envy of the neighborhood or your inner circle and hire a private bbq’er. I am the owner and founder of Veterans Q Barbecue Sauces & Rubs and the founder of Veterans Q Competition Barbecue Team (KCBS).

Natty Nation

Hard Roots Rock Reggae from the Heartland

Critically-acclaimed hard roots rock reggae outfit Natty Nation is a collective of spiritual warriors. For over twenty years, the Madison, Wisconsin-based group has purely and fearlessly followed its inner artistic continuum. Along the way, Natty Nation has burst through genres while retaining a distinct roots reggae core.

Petty Union

Petty Union

a Tom Petty Tribute band from the greater Chicagoland area featuring top artist like; Mike Redmond from Off Broadway as Tom Petty, Jamo Van de Bogert, drums, from the Gregg Allman band, Pete Flynn, guitar from the Flynn Brothers and Dinosaur Exhibit, and many more.

The Funny Drawing Guy

Caricature art entertainment for your event

Hi, I'm Tony, The Funny Drawing Guy! I've been drawing caricatures professionally since 2004 and have drawn thousands of faces of all ages for every kind of event imaginable. I pride myself on creating caricatures that are funny with a good likeness while still flattering to the subject. I can draw 15-25 black and white faces per hour or 8-12 color faces per hour. I work vertically on 11" x 17" paper and can fit up to five faces in each drawing.