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Milli 👑 / message for details
Seattle, WA

20 year old singer with a passion for music. I love to interact with the crowd and display my talent. Open to any performance for a good night.

Dj Blacc

No Flare Just Great Music
Seattle, WA

DJ Blacc is an American DJ from California now resides in Washington State. Playing weekly at various establishments, He also books private parties, weddings and corporate events. He brings his talent, ear for music and ability to read a crowd to every event. Playing multi-genre's, high-quality audio and video with state of the art equipment, appropriate attire and most importantly the ability to work with other staff or vendors you may have working your event.

Karlos Icaro

Latin pop indie electronic urbano music
Seattle, WA

I was cursed with poetry from a young age, my life has been full of memories yet a bit strange, like a canvas of faint smiles in between the lines, couldn’t stop the demons so I started to play a melody much louder I must’ve missed the ballroom dance. To the Abyss in just one note,it was A minor that dueled against the feeling, there was nothing else as if the world became a lot smaller or I was the one that grew with a different perspective. haunted by infinite love, found the color of my voice

Dj Jared Woodlief

Best party Dj in Washington
Spokane, WA

I have been a professional DJ for 4 years and love it! I always bring the same fun energy to any event. The events that I am known for are high school dances, weddings, birthdays, and raves. I try to make the night as fun as possible. I also will coordinate with you on what type of songs you want and I will also edit the song if necessary. I have professional equipment and lighting and my set up does not look crappy in anyway. I am cheaper than most dj’s because I love to do it!

Joshua Belliardo

ORIGINAL MUSIC - Singer-songwriter/hip-hop & R&B
Spokane, WA

to be entered.


M.Jae✨ Supernova Queen Multitalented & Hardworking
Seattle, WA

Singer/Songwriter Dancer Actress Hostess/Promoter Entrepreneur Anything else not listed I probably still do it 😉

Zan And Alec

Zan and Alec indie pop duo
Seattle, WA

Zan and Alec are an indie folk/indie pop duo. Their friendship started in the 6th grade and developed into a wonderful music career when they were in high school after discovering the beautiful blend they shared and artistic vision. Zan and Alec are often most recognized for Zan’s tight harmonies, Alec’s incredible musicianship on the guitar and the sweet catchy melodies in their songwriting. Combined with a sweet friendship, these two make a great show.