Book Talent in Dallas, Texas

Raquel Blake

Drag Performer and MC

Raquel Blake, is a native of Boston, Massachusetts but has called Dallas, Texas her home for the past 5 years. Don’t be fooled by her beauty, because she’s got the mouth of a sailor and a quick whit to boot! 17 years in the business of female impersonation and going strong. Raquel can be found ALL OVER Dallas, surrounding areas and then some...Raquel is so excited to share her talents and colorful hosting abilities with everyone in CA and beyond.

Rhett Miller

American Alternative Country

Since the Old 97's roared out of Dallas more than fifteen years ago, they have blazed a trail through alt-country and power-pop, led by the piercingly observant lyrics of lead singer Rhett Miller. Each new Old 97’s record is hotly anticipated, and rightfully so: “Blame It On Gravity,” from 2008, contained some of the band’s most deeply felt and passionately played songs. But in a career full of high-water marks, "The Grand Theatre Volume 1" is perhaps the most ambitious and accomplished set of recordings yet. The album, the band’s eighth, began to come together last year, when Miller was on a solo tour of Europe with Steve Earle. “When I started in this band, I wrote on the road constantly,” Miller says. “But I was 23 then, so everything was new to me. Over the years, those strange and wonderful things have begun to feel more commonplace. On the familiar highways, in familiar hotels, it’s pretty easy to turn into a zombie. But on this tour, I was in England and Ireland and Scandinavia, places where I haven’t spent very much time in, and because of that things seemed somehow fresh. I felt recharged. In these old British theaters, you sit around in ancient dressing rooms filled with these objects that could only be in these ancient dressing rooms. It was all very inspiring instead of tiring.” The result was a set of songs rooted in specific locations. "The title track, which I wrote in Leeds, is like a series of postcards that try to capture the moment of falling in love; it begins in the Grand Theatre, which is a historic venue there, on the elevator. There’s another song, 'Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You),' that I wrote, or at least started to write, while I was walking around in Soho. And a song like ‘The Dance Class’ wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t in Birmingham, trapped in a hotel, looking out at streets that were bleak and gray except for a dance studio across the way. I imagined an agoraphobic who sees a beautiful girl in that studio and fantasizes about being freed by her. Miller’s portraits of love and loneliness are paired with some of the sharpest music the band has ever produced, from the propulsive celebration of “Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)” to the manic (and almost panicked) energy of “The Dance Class.” There are also moving counterpoints, such as the album’s closer, “The Beauty Marks,” a stark, hushed ballad about a love affair in a London pub.

Vdoue Kash

Vdoue kash the guru baby
Dallas, TX

vernon mathis, born on septermber 1st 1988 easst st. louis illinois. at age 5 his family relocated to shreveport louisiana until age 12 when they returned to the st louis area. michael jackson's thriller album is what launched his first interest in music at a very early age. in his later years, he was influenced by aritist such as eminem, kanye west, lil wayne, as well as the 50 cent get rich or die trying album.


Dallas, TX

i make music everyday all day. just looking to get my music out there. if anyone would like to book me for shows or features hmu


Shel’von Ross aka “Shevie”. upcoming actor
Dallas, TX

college graduate. majored in Mass Communication looking to expand my knowledge in the showbiz world. also open to modeling.

Oliver White

The Oliver White Group
Dallas, TX

Americana because it’s one less syllable than blues/rock/folk/funk. From North Texas, travels anywhere.

Space Young

Rap Artist
Dallas, TX

I Started Dancing Before I Even Knew I know How to Rap or freestyle , I’m Great At Both. Book And u Won’t Be Sorry

Alexus Ya'el

Alexus Ya’el
Dallas, TX

Alexus Yael Robinson, known professionally as Alexus Ya’el, is an American singer, songwriter and composer. The artist embarked on her music career in 2018 when she released her first single “Forever”, followed by her second single “Not The One”.

Roman Zolanski

PTE/Republic Records/BET NETWORK Sensation Artist
Dallas, TX

Roman Zolanski is a PTE/Republic Records/BET NETWORK Sensation Artist. He as opened up for over 5 major mainstream artist, performed at multiple fashion shows, guest performer at the 2018 BET EXPERIENCE, and have a nationwide fan base. He is a hip-hop/reggae/pop/dance genre Artist. His image is very outgoing and crazy. He is definitely a crowd hyper. His performances comes with a full PRODUCTION including dancers props and more(upon request). He is more than a Artist he is a ENTERTAINER overall.

Christie-jade Makayabo

Music is my passion so let me share it with you!
Dallas, TX

Christie-Jade Makayabo is a 21 year old singer/songwriter based in Texas in the DFW area. Even before she could speak she knew singing was her dream.