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Solaris the hii priestess

Tarot & astrology
Austin, TX

I am Solaris and I offer tarot and astrology readings in Austin Texas but also online via FaceTime and also over the phone. If you ever need guidance about a job , or what your purpose is I got you ! or if you just need clarity or you have a yes or no question that’s you would like to ask I am here to help. If you have never booked a reading with me your first reading will be half off of my original price. I offer a list of services including : •all about you reading •love reading •career

Nay Babii

San Antonio, TX

My name is Nay Babii I’m a model/rapper from Denver now living in Texas I am available to host any party. Contact me for info

Tyler Brunner

Singer/Songwriter Actor
Austin, TX

Austin based vocalist BA in Music from Salisbury University Intern for Flying TV NYC

Shariffa Nyan

Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer
Austin, TX

Riveting, Captivating, Soulful yet Sweet; this is a Voice you Won't Forget!

Jeff Jenkins

Motivation Speaker & Travel Influencer
Austin, TX

A native of Florida, but currently residing in Austin, Texas, Jeff Jenkins is an up-and-coming inspirational and motivational speaker. He is the founder of Chubby Diaries, which is an online platform for plus size travelers that encourages and motivates people like himself to travel the World and live their best life now! He has been to over 30 countries writing and creating videos. He realize that his story can inspire anyone no matter age, body type, or race. Jeff Jenkins would be a hit at your next event!

Sarah Johnson

Austin, TX

Sarah Johnson is the guitarist and vocalist from the band Rookie Ranger. She enjoys playing all types of music and having a good time.

DJ QDiesel

I Rock a Party!
Austin, TX

DJ QDiesel is a Producer, DJ, and Music Enthusiast. He spins a sonic catalogue that can take you anywhere you want to go! DJ QDiesel is a fan of House and Electro but all genres are available!

Eboney Hills

Budding Actress
Austin, TX


Colton Dowling

Austin, TX

Colton Dowling is an Austin based comedian, originally from everywhere (grew up as an army brat). He is a high-energy comic with a background in improv. His act is certain to surprise you in one way or another. The truth is, he is a gay and no he doesn't have to talk about it, but really he does - because it's hilarious. Colton has performed in many different countries, festivals and he even runs several shows in Austin. If he is in your city, catch him because he is a rolling man.


Austin Hip Hop Recording Artist

JordanLivinGood real name is Jordan Galbreth and he's a young artist, producer and sound engnieer from the state of Texas. Jordan Galbreth known as (JordanLivinGood) started making music at the age of 10. His cousin was making music in Jordan room and Jordan asked his cousin if he can make some songs as a joke; and his cousin said sure! So, Jordan got in the home studio and recorded his first mixtape and fell in love with music ever since. He begin to start directing video's, making beats by his producer name Rhyme King and setting up his own home studio with the top notch software he could find. JordanLivinGood has the love and passion for music like a relationship. He makes songs off of true feelings, life stories and inspiration. He can make a pop record, hip hop record and turn around and make a record. Jordan has a very unique multiple versatility styles and writes all his music by himself.