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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Community Event

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Looking for advice on how to prepare for an upcoming community event? Look no further than Special Guest App’s ultimate guide. This article is part of a series of articles written to help guide and inform the process of booking LIVE entertainers for your special event.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Community Event

Have you been tasked with planning a community event? Did you find the inspiration to plan such an event by yourself? In any case, community events take a lot of work behind the scenes to get right and will require a few critical elements.

Establishing community event ideas and the planning process requires strong organizational skills. Planners need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. Depending on the size of the event, you may need to tap into your leadership skills and form a team around you to get the job done.

One of the steps in making sure a community event is successful is making sure you have ways of keeping guests entertained. Special Guest App can help you with that part of the process with our treasure trove of unique entertainment options. But before reaching that point, consider all the steps that must come before. Below is our ultimate guide to planning a community event.

What is a Community Event?

A community event is any gathering meant to attract an audience from the area surrounding your venue. These events often require road closures and some security presence. Because of this, area government offices will usually need to be involved in making sure the event is orderly and contained.

Community events are typically meant to have a celebratory tone. Everything from block parties to parades can be considered a community event. To keep the community engaged with the event you are planning, entertainment and food options are critical components to consider. Sometimes these elements will be built into the experience, such as in a parade. However, other contexts require separate entertainment bookings.

Community events usually occur in a centrally located area, such as a town square, or anywhere that is within walking distance of the target audience. Exceptions to this rule may be a church picnic that is taking place in a more rural area. Generally, however, you should plan on providing as much convenience to your target audience as possible.

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Steps to Planning a Community Event

To plan a community event, a few basic steps are essential to follow in just about every case. A failure to hit each of the planning beats to follow can result in a disjointed event. At your next community event, take a cautious approach to each decision and consider each step multiple times before the big day. With a large audience expected to attend, your goal should be to satisfy the most general audience within reason.

1. Find Collaborators

The first thing you should do when you are in charge of generating community event ideas is to find volunteers or allies to help you through the process. No successful community events have ever been solely the product of a single person’s contributions. From trash collection to the financial planners, you will need to have all hands on deck to make your community event go as planned.

2. Consider Your Budget

Effective, insightful budgeting is a huge part of getting just about anything done in the modern world, and planning a community event is no exception to the rule. If you are working with an organization to plan the event, consult with them and figure out how much they are willing to spend. If you are the planning committee leader, consider how much money you have saved and how much, if any, you still need.

3. Pick a Venue

Once you have assembled a team and know how much money you have to spend on the party, pick a venue for your community event. If it is an indoor event, contact local fire departments and assembly halls in your area and explain the event to them. If an outdoor plan is in the works, contact the municipality where you plan to host your event. In either case, respect the boundaries and rules of the venue you choose as your continue the planning process.

4. Find Your Audience

Consider how far-reaching the projected audience should be to inform what the best use of your venue and budget will be. If you know your venue will only be able to fit a certain amount of people comfortably, you may have to cap how many attendees will be allowed to attend. Additionally, try to get a feel for the demographics and values of your surrounding audience and gauge how well your event idea will play with specific audiences.

5. Book Entertainment

One of the most critical steps in planning a community event is booking entertainment to satisfy your guests. If you want to attract a younger audience, you may consider booking a DJ to spin Top 40 hits. If the crowd is expected to be an older demographic who appreciates live music, hiring a band that pumps out arena rock classics might be a better choice. Either way, Special Guest App has the entertainment options you are looking for.

Special Guest Has Entertainment Options

Special Guest App is an ever-growing hub for event planners to find entertainment options. From magicians to impersonators, there is a little something for everybody to enjoy on the Special Guest App. Satisfy the crowd at your next community event, and check out our entertainment options.


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