Speakers & Officiants in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for someone to host your event? Browse our list of speakers and officiants, versed in an array of topics, and hire a professional to entertain and educate your audience.

Brando Bogart

Spoken Word Poet, Rapper and Host.
San Antonio, TX

Brando aka Clones3k is a creative who’s passionate writing made him a mainstay in the spoken word scene in San Antonio. In 2018, He was asked to be a speaker at Gemini Inks’ Writing Conference. He’s won Puroslam, a nationally recognized weekly spoken word competition. He’s performed, featured and hosted countless venues from 2nd Verse, Blah Poetry Spot, PWA The Web House and many more. Prolific writer so can perform for any crowd. Book him for your event today!

The Carpenters Apprentice

Talk show produced by a family team from San Anto
San Antonio, TX

What’s up y’all! The carpenters apprentice is a show that films from anywhere! We will show up to your event, business or whatever & interview the people involved. We try to share your story with people so they can have a sense of connection to your product. Oh & we have a DAMN GOOD TIME DOING IT! Check us out on IG @tc.apprentice or on Facebook/YouTube as The Carpenters Apprentice. Hope to hear from you soon!