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The only thing harder than losing is winning.
Dallas, TX

I’m an independent artist from New York. I started writing poetry at 9. That transitioned into raps at 11. And I’ve been recording professionally since about 14-15 years old. I now write, record, and mix my own music. What defines an artist? Is it their undeniable swagger, their dexterous word play, the ability to tell a story...or all of the above? Artistry is a lifestyle, and Stephon is a true multi-faceted artist. A writer, story-teller, aspiring actor and public speaker.

Nikki Alexander

Motivational Speaker advocating for the abused
Dallas, TX

I am an author and motivational speaker for church events, marriage conferences, panel discussions and girls/women’s empowerment. I was married to a minister for 10 years who was domestically violent. I candidly chronicled my struggles with depression, thoughts of suicide, molestation in my autobiography. The writing of my book was to promote healing for other women who have been abused or exposed to pornography as little girls. I strive to provide tools for survival and peace of mind.

C. Will

Hip Hop artist and Event host

I am 1/3 of a Hip Hop group based out of Las Vegas called Lost Elements. I have been a recording artist for 11 years and have music on all major streaming sites like iTunes and Spotify. I love music first, but Hip Hop is second. I can host events as well. I have hosted 3 concerts and trade shows too so whether I'm rapping or hosting, I'm ready to entertain.

Brian Dobbs

Speaker | Visionary Leader

Visionary Leader, Speaker and Coach Creating Authentic Change for Business Brian Dobbs is a dynamic speaker, minister and business coach who combines faith and practicality, creating tremendous self-awareness and measurable results. Every individual is made with unique skills and talents. The secret is finding who they are at the core and bringing that into what they do. Identifying one's niche gives birth to differentiation while setting the trajectory to leave a legacy. 

Sylvester Stallone impersonator-Jade Roberts

The Sly Guy

Performs as Sylvester Stallone, Rocky and Rambo, and Sly’s character in the “EXPENDABLES”! National television with Bruce Willis on ABC’s “Moonlighting” as “Rocky ”. He is featured as Stallone’s character Barney Ross in a major parody film, “The Starving Games”. Brought in to play his boxing double in "Grudge Match". Performances include authentic costume and voice. Performs in film, television, commercials, and on stage around the world. Corporate events as a motivator and knockout character!