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Pop Out

Dallas, TX

just some kids who became family over hard times. we want to show the world our talents and get more exposure. we produce our own music, shoot our own music videos, and promote all by ourselfs. just need some shows to help get more listeners

Jamil Devul

I have too many talents🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Dallas, TX

Hello my name is Dorian but prefer Jamil. I’m 6’0ft of pure ambition, ready to out work others. I was born in Midland Texas and raised predominantly in Texas also spending Time in states like Washington and Illinois. I’ve always been involved with entertainment since I learned to stand is what my mother tells me. I’ve loved entertaining people not only because it pleases me but others also. I know I would be a beautiful piece to any work of art.


The Voice Behind the Mic
Houston, TX

J.Renaé is an on-air personality correspondent for Houston’s KTSU 90.9 FM radio station’s The Juice Krew. As A journalist, actor, and professional voiceover artist, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, concentration in Media Studies with a minor in Theatre from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi in 2017. In addition to her talents, J. Renaé also models for several brands, creates films, and composes music.


dancer drawer model photographer spokeswoman
Dallas, TX

Dancer Drawer Model Photographer spoke person

Preach Elder Brown

The Change Agent
Dallas, TX

Preach Elder Brown known as a powerhouse, and a no nonsense preacher, author, motivator, uplifter and change agent. He has traveled the world spreading the message of change, love and Christ. He has been seen in and featured on national magazines, television, and radio. He has interviewed Bishop T.D Jakes, Evangelist Jekalyn Carr, J Moss, and a host of others. He is sought out for various events from Revivals, Conferences, Church Services & Programs, to Business & Entrepreneurship.

Marashina Wildcherry

Dallas, TX

I’m a aspiring MODEL/ACTRESS that have MODEL/ACTRESS credentials. I’ve been in a few movies as an EXTRA. I LOVE to WORK!!!. Went from 250 to 150 pounds in 8 months to further my MODEL/ACTING career.

B. Shatter Poetry

Post. Educator. Host. Nerd.
Houston, TX

Brandon “B. Shatter” Harrison is a spoken word artist, host and educator currently located in Houston, TX. When not debating the possibilities of literature’s most revered characters being persons of color or somewhere lost on an anime binge, B. Shatter can be found actively engaging in the booming arts scenes around the country and performing on numerous stages. He’s nationally ranked, performed at TEDxTylerPark and many universities and colleges, as well as the SXSW and Forecastle festivals.

Aarion Jamaris Denley. Music Name : Aj Money

Songwriter, rapper, singer, entertainer, athlete
Houston, TX

I've wrote music since second grade, first song to "Pretty Boy Swagg" by soulja boy called "AJ Swagg". Since then i've been in the church band/quire, did band in Junior High now pursuing my dream of going BIG TIME. I do local shows in Houston but i'm in the process of starting to Travel way more. Other then music, I like to stay involved with sporting events also, doesn't matter what sport is! Also I take pictures but camera must be provided. Willing to be personal photographer for family trips.


Experience my art with me
Houston, TX

producer and artist, book me and go crazy

Jennifer Thibeaux

Captivating, energetic speaker - the one you want.
Houston, TX

Hello I'm Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux - never settling for anything less for myself or my audiences. I bring energy and value to events. With my storytelling and big picture focus, I connect with everyone through life experiences. My goal is to transfer my passion and energy to each person so that we all walk away better. I'm an amazing event host and emcee and look darn good in a ball gown. As a former gymnast I'm in it to win it. Success is defined by you, I work to bring your vision to life.