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Speakers & Officiants in Tennessee

Looking for someone to host your event? Browse our list of speakers and officiants, versed in an array of topics, and hire a professional to entertain and educate your audience.

Jalan Veasley

“Motivation. Education. Determination.”
Memphis, TN

Jalan Veasley was born in Dallas, Texas, but currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been professionally recording and releasing music since 2014, with no intent on stopping anytime soon. His goals are to inspire both young and old with positive messages that improve oneself and the community alike, tell stories of triumphs and tragedy that resonate with an audience on a personal level, and entertain a variety of people across all races, genders, and sexual orientations.


Female Artist,Emcee,Poet, Songwriter,Host
Memphis, TN

I am a Character. I am Music. I am Talent . I am Great


Let’s Connect, Work, Live our passions together!
Nashville, TN

My name is Erica. I’m an entertainer. I act, write, model, edit, do makeup, & hair. Let’s work!

Hosted By T.y.

In the mood for funny? T.Y. will not disappoint!
Nashville, TN

Tyree “T.Y.” Thomas is a native St. Louisan who loves entertaining through his own brand of comedic hosting. He is a singer, writer, actor, and consummate performer who routinely makes light of his own life experiences, current events and human behaviors during his performances. He is available for corporate, non-profit or family events, as well as stage plays and comedy shows. If you’ve never laughed at yourself, you won’t be able to resist while being Hosted by T.Y.!!

Shea Harris

Real Hip Hop Lives Here!
Memphis, TN

My name is Shea Harris. I am a young entrepreneur. I main focus in life is music. I git hustles to support hustles to support hustles. Shea Harris The Photography : $45/ hour IG: @harrisvisuals Shea Harris The Rapper: Starts at : Shea Harris $50/ hour Shea Harris + DJ $100/ hour Shea Harris + Live Band $250/ hour IG: @thesheaharris

Jakub Trunk ( Rapper )

Jakub Trunk. High Energy Performer. Unique Sound.
Memphis, TN

Based out of Memphis, Tn. Jakub Trunk 32, is a hip hop artist with roots in Southern Gospel, Blues, and Memphis Rap. With 6 years of performance and studio experience, he’s well versed in quality and professionalism. With over 25,000 views on YouTube , Jakub Trunk has performed in states including Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, Mississippi, Georgia, and Kentucky . Without a release since 2017, Jakub trunk is looking to unveil unreleased music in a live fashion. 2019 🚀


Real Life. Real Reflections. Real Truth.
Nashville, TN

Author, Speaker, Writer, and Poet. Shaquanda Cole has been writing for over 20 years and encouraging all those who seek her guidance to live their dreams. She has been featured on a number of websites as a guest blogger, she has work with mayoral hopefuls, collegiate partners, and nonprofit organization to help prepare them for their future. She speaks life into those who call her. Allow her to encourage and motivate your family, friends, and staff at your next event.

Everybody Eating Ent

BookMe And The Team You Won’t Be Disappointed ‼️
Memphis, TN

New Single Out Now “ Harder “ x EBE GOTTI NEW Hit Out Now “NoTopic “ x Everybody Eating Ent ‼️💪🏾💯


I’m a rapper, producer, drummer, and poet.
Nashville, TN

Book me in any of those categories

Mike Ayalon

Professional Speaker for College Students
Nashville, TN

Mike Ayalon is the CEO of Greek University, an educational platform that has inspired countless institutions across North America in identifying, understanding and resolving current social issues. As a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Mike has headlined over 350 presentations across 150 college campuses to bring light on pressing problems, such as Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention and Campus Safety, Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention & Motivation in Student Organizations