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Auguste and Alden

Sister and Brother duo/band
Scranton, PA

Auguste and Alden is a sister and brother band from the East Coast. They perform as both a duo and with a drummer as a power trio. They have experienced many great opportunities over the years and have written a catalog of over 100 songs. They recently released their full-length cd "Road Warrior", and have completed shooting several music videos, performing 100+ shows this year including major venues such as Infinity Hall, Daryl's House, NAMM, Rockwood Music Hall, Nectars, Arlene’s Grocery....

Matt Artz

Design Anthropologist & Speaker
New York City, NY

I'm a "design anthropologist" and product leader working at the intersection of product management, UX strategy, and design research. Using design ethnography, I help organizations unlock hidden insights with users, data, and products. I have led research, design, and agile product management efforts to ship and scale web and mobile products in the enterprise and consumer space. I have experience working in energy, biotechnology, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion, broadcasting, and nonprofit. Current customers of products I lead include public Fortune 500 companies, as well as a venture-funded startup featured on Apple’s TV show Planet of the Apps. I am available for short-term consulting engagements. I can be hired for product/UX consulting services, workshops, and speakings engagements via LinkedIn's Profinder and through my website: https://mattartz.me.

Paul Gee

Let’s make your event the best it could be!
New York City, NY

Hello! I have hosted and performed at any and every type of event! From weddings to concerts and from mixers to live professional sporting events. My goal is to work with you on creating incredible moments and bringing an amazing event. I have a wealth of referrals and resources as well to help you reach any goal you’re looking to reach. I would love to talk with you more on the resources I can add and how I can make the pressure GO AWAY when it comes to your event! @paulgeetv www.paulgeetv.com

CJ Parson

Actor, executive producer and recording artist.
New York City, NY

CJ Parson is an American actor from New Jersey. He kicked off his career as recording artist by producing and starring in his debut single “Forever” release in 2012. In 2013, CJ was scouted by Director of Operations for Bad Boy Entertainment Tony Drootin, and recorded series of tracks at the label’s Daddy’s House Recording Studio. Two years later, CJ debuted on the small screen for NBC’s hit series Blindspot and moved to Los Angeles, California where he’s now been involved in over 30 productions.


just let the music speak for its self
Philadelphia, PA

I’m an upcoming artist from Philly. I’m 27 and I love all types a music but hip hop is my choice. I just wanna bring back real hip hop. They say "music moves the soul" and so do I.

Danette Rodriguez

Stand Up Comedian from New York
New York City, NY

Danette Rodriguez is a Stand-up comedian from New York. A Puerto Rican originally from Brooklyn, she's performed for ESPN, through out Japan and Paris, and was part of the Comic Cure festivals in Miami and Philadelphia. She draws inspiration from her childhood and credits her dry and sarcastic style to her mom. Offering up insights and silliness, audiences have called her an awesome and delightful watch.

Paul Spratt

stand up comedian / writer
Scranton, PA

Born in Boston but raised in PA. Paul brings real life situations and struggle to life through comedy. Brutally honest and thoughtful Paul brings comedy to all aspects of his life. Paul can perform both clean and dirty. Paul has been seen on Comcast and heard on Sirius/XM, and also has appeared in some of the most prestigious comedy festivals. Paul has been performing all over the country in comedy clubs. Paul recently released his first full length comedy album.


Get Ready for the Hypnotic Hijinks of HypnoMarc!
New York City, NY

“I’ve Never Laughed so Hard!”,“I couldn’t Catch My Breath” just some of what can be heard from those leaving a HypnoMarc Hypnosis Show. His show is fast paced & energetic where your audience becomes the stars of the show. He is an award-winning hypnotist, author & motivational speaker who has appeared live for Refinery29 & Elite Daily’s TrashED. Marc performs internationally at comedy clubs, fairs, schools, grads, conferences, & major corporations companies. Travels Nationwide

Actor Brendan Crash Burt

Brendan Crash Burt- Actor, Writer, Comic etc.
Scranton, PA

An actor by nature; occasionally by trade. Always looking to expand on the craft. Writer, Prefer to call it storyteller. Sometimes with 10,000 words on topics ranging from Baseball to Star Wars to Sherlock Holmes to the Stock Market & all points in between, sometimes with a facial expression. The best stories are told on and through people. Here to do my part. My wife & daughter have the only true front row seats. I am open to expanding those parameters & welcome the next Now.


Engaging and Empowering Speaker and Killer Live Show
Scranton, PA

Alex "Alphamale" Frisina is a hip-hop artist from Long Island, NY. After being born in the Bronx, he was adopted directly from the hospital by a family in the small town of Shoreham. Alphamale was drawn to hip-hop during his struggles with depression. He used music as a tool to calm himself and shut off his mind from running rampant into dark places. Alpha didn't jump right into writing music, it all started with a book of poetry that would later be published (This is Alpha). It was only a matter of time that his passion for hip hop and love for writing pushed him towards setting his sights on becoming a Hip Hop artist. Alphamale is an artist that has made it his goal to share his story in hopes to reach others that face similar struggles. With his lyrical precision and relatable topics, Alphamale reaches people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles. Music started as a method to fight the feeling of voicelessness through the process of finding himself and his personal wellbeing. Quickly it grew into a lifestyle and his mindset to making Hip Hop his career path. On this path he was able to connect with local artists that shared his mindset of bringing back hip hop with a story and purpose; this connection lead to the creation of the HIP HOP HEADS (3H). More than just a rapper, Alphamale is also a published author, System Advocate for youth and young adults and building a brand focused on breaking down the stigma surrounding hip-hop from suburban areas, known as Suburban Royalty.