Create buzz for your next conference or team building event and hire an athlete speaker. An athlete's experience is sure to motivate and inspire!

Grayson Marshall,jr

The Guy that gets you to Believe in you
Jacksonville, FL

Grayson has a distinctive talent of “getting you to believe in you.” His unique ability to highlight, isolate and obliterate mental blocks is why people call him the “Metacognition Expert” A globally respected influence in the basketball community, Grayson is a highly sought-after consultant for a host of college and professional teams as well as corporations. Professionally, Grayson is know as the”Coach of Coaches” and a gifted keynote speaker that leaves audiences challenged and changed.


Contemporary Soul and R&B
Newark, NJ

Courtier is an Urban Contemporary artist with many vocal, lyrical, and production abilities, known for his funky mixture of styles. With the versatility of a Swiss army knife, Courtier takes traditional music styles and reconstructs something supreme. His inclusion of eclectic elements crushes the conventional confines and makes you question why you haven’t heard it before.

Jodi Rollins

A triple threat. Singer, MC, Motivational Speaker
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Look no further I am a triple threat. Motivational speech is geared toward your audience. Singer for all types of occasions or MC for all types of occasions! I am dedicated to excellence and my services are top notch.

Cedric Alvies

let’s bring it to life.
Baltimore, MD

Hight 6’0 Weight 120 Athletic body Can bring characters to life Can’t with to work with some great people.

Dj Squirell

Atlanta, GA

I go by the name of DJ Squirell, I am 22 years old. I own my own record label with several talented artists and I’m looking to create a good time and experience for everyone. I love people ❤️


New York City, NY

The most versatile artist out on the market

Lala Thomas

Chicago, IL


Aarion Jamaris Denley. Music Name : Aj Money

Songwriter, rapper, singer, entertainer, athlete
Houston, TX

I've wrote music since second grade, first song to "Pretty Boy Swagg" by soulja boy called "AJ Swagg". Since then i've been in the church band/quire, did band in Junior High now pursuing my dream of going BIG TIME. I do local shows in Houston but i'm in the process of starting to Travel way more. Other then music, I like to stay involved with sporting events also, doesn't matter what sport is! Also I take pictures but camera must be provided. Willing to be personal photographer for family trips.

The Flying Lion

Professional Dunker

Hello my name is Jorge I usually go by Luis or The Flying Lion and I am a professional dunker. I’ve done events all over the world and won multiple contests. I have an amazing story to tell with who I am and how I was brought up. Not to mention my energy that I bring to the table is on a different level of unique so it never gets boring at a Flyon show !

Scholarship (garett Eldred)

The Best You’ve Never Heard!
Atlanta, GA

Scholarship (Garett Eldred) is a student at Georgia State University and a native of Atlanta, GA. He is a talented hip hop artist who strives to make music that people can relate to and enjoy. He is also a talented actor who has participated in several short films including a commercial for his previous institution in San Diego. In addition, Garett is a passionate individual who loves to take action and let his voice be heard in order to affect change within his community.