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Paul Gee

Let’s make your event the best it could be!
New York City, NY

Hello! I have hosted and performed at any and every type of event! From weddings to concerts and from mixers to live professional sporting events. My goal is to work with you on creating incredible moments and bringing an amazing event. I have a wealth of referrals and resources as well to help you reach any goal you’re looking to reach. I would love to talk with you more on the resources I can add and how I can make the pressure GO AWAY when it comes to your event! @paulgeetv www.paulgeetv.com

Cj Parson

Actor, executive producer and recording artist.
New York City, NY

CJ Parson is an American actor from New Jersey. He kicked off his career as recording artist by producing and starring in his debut single “Forever” release in 2012. In 2013, CJ was scouted by Director of Operations for Bad Boy Entertainment Tony Drootin, and recorded series of tracks at the label’s Daddy’s House Recording Studio. Two years later, CJ debuted on the small screen for NBC’s hit series Blindspot and moved to Los Angeles, California where he’s now been involved in over 30 productions.