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Seven Wonders, A Fleetwood Mac Flashback

Seven Wonders, A Fleetwood Mac Flashback

“It was all about our vocal harmonies”—Stevie Nicks on why the Buckingham Nicks duo was asked to join Fleetwood Mac.

Similarly, SEVEN WONDERS was formed to provide a broader showcase for the amazing harmony talents of singers Monica Spano and Carol Perri.

Affectionately called “The Songbirds” by fans, the two singers wanted to be able to add to their Fleetwood Mac tribute shows harmony-driven tunes from other bands as well, which include Heart, The Eagles, CSNY and more.

Together with violinist/keyboard player Kaia Updike, who captures Christine McVie’s rocking B3 and keyboard lines and adds a new rock violin twist to tunes like ”World Turning”,  the women set out to form a new band.

Singer Monica Spano recruited two male vocalist/guitarists who have been playing together since high school, Scott Malcolm and Glenn Scott from “The Melon Farmers” an acoustic duo turned trio when Monica had the opportunity to join them about 5 years ago. Blending elements of a wide variety of genres including funk, folk, metal and rock, having Glenn and Scott on guitars and vocals brings Seven Wonders to a new level of sweetness to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac. 

Known for getting the crowd on their feet, singer Carol Perri wanted a rhythm section that could really keep the crowd dancing.  She loved the energy of drummer Zoe Grella who has performed and recorded throughout the tri-state area for many years with a multitude of bands ranging in style from rock to funk to do-wop to jazz. 

For close to 2 decades she was the drummer for the well known band AliveNKickin , best known for their number one hit single “Tighter and Tighter”. A busy drum teacher by day, Zoe went to school on Mick Fleetwood’s celebrated style and really delivers the Fleetwood feel that drummers everywhere have chased.

The songbirds also recruited hard driving and entertaining bassist Steve Morales who loves to move to the music creating a high energy show that’s fun to watch. Steve brings many years of experience having played with bands from New York to California.

“For us, it’s not about the bells and whistles”, say The Songbirds, “just about making good music; that’s what SEVEN WONDERS is all about”.


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