Naughty Humphrey  

Newark, NJ

Bands & Ensembles, Musicians

$200.00 Per Hour

Your Favorite Classics Unabashedly Rocked!


Looking for an exciting, fun alternative to the same old, same old out there? Naughty Humphrey strives to separate from the pack. We play popular covers from the 60's thru today, but we resurrect those lost classics that have been overlooked and forgotten. And you'll be glad we did. With literally THOUSANDS of classic songs to choose from over music's illustrious history, why settle on the same tired songs? You're far too creative and brilliant for that! Are you naughty...or naught?



Cancellation Policy

Full Refund up until 14 days prior to the gig date.


Blue Moon Mexican Cafe Wyckoff, NJ about 3 months ago