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Maxi Maxx

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Maxi Maxx is the future of hip hop

Maxi Maxx is a Independent CEO of F.E.A.R INC records out of New Jersey. Maxi Maxx was born and raised in the gritty streets of Newark, NJ. The Young mogul has been gaining a lot of feedback on his new released music , collecting a total of 48 million streams on SoundCloud,Apple Music , Spotify and Tidal. Born March 3rd, 1992 .Maxi Maxx recorded his first song in 2010 under the alias “Mad Maxx” on a mixtape hosted by Dj Lazy K. The young M.C has been proving year after year he is ready for the prime time. You can find his music on all streaming platforms...... MAXI MAXX is an artist who has been featured on our page a few times now; the New Jersey rapper has been making noise for more reasons than one. To start, as we wrote last year, he became an official affiliate of the illustrious MMG—the label headed by slimmed down capo Rick Ross. This is a deal that was ultimately turned down [by Maxi] due to legal concerns around masters and publishing. You have to imagine the potential and bravery it takes for an artist to turn down deals when faced with the possible loss of control; Maxi—with millions of spins—is a new type of independent artist, riding a new wave. It’s quite reminiscent of Max B in the Cocaine City days. Get down or drown.



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