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JAW Events AUTUMN 2020, 1) AUTHOR SERVICES, * Seasonal Planner, * Digitize Papers & Journals, * Restore Old Photographs, * Non Profit & Virtual Help, * MS Office Projects, Formatting & Publication, 2) Mrs Santa, Mrs Grinch & YOUR MASCOT, * Christmas Cards, * Standee Available, * Activities, Cards & Letters, * Banquet & Wedding Service, * Hospitality, * Traffic & Safety, Golf Cart 6p Driver, 2020 NOTE: Due to Corona/Covid19, please be advised that we will stay tuned-in around the region & world. We Wish YOU, Your loved ones & community Well Spring & Safety!!!, SUPPORT INDIE GIG WORKER w/ DONATION Today!, Need Help? Gig Inquiry Today! Gig Worker Solutions!, Let's Gig! JAW_Events

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